Saturday, November 15, 2003

Things seem to be going pretty much all right with me. It appears as though this is going to be a mighty interesting semester, as I’ve met up with all but one of my professors already, and they all seem to be a fairly good bunch. Nonetheless, if only I were sure about the 3.7 and not needing a 4.0, I would’ve certainly wanted a professor err… different from Mr. Bulaong, who I am taking for a third semester already. With that stuff in mind, needless to say, you can expect this jabroni here to post a bit more often.

To my regular readers, see that “Sign My Guestmap” there in my links? Do sign in there. I suppose I’d like to know who still bother to read my blog, considering the exodus of comments I’ve been getting the past few months. And yes, I may forgive, but as I do say all the ruddy time, I never forget… why do people seem to forget all the time, neh? It sickens me, the stench of short-term memories running around, disregarding one's merits and flaws in an instant with little more than a fleeting idea planted into their mind as though they were some pawn by the will of the machines... it is such that has trapped them within their own Matrix of delusion... a sad, sad fact that they fail to realize.

Speaking of the Matrix, yes I've seen the third part last Tuesday. I'll certainly write up a review of it, but I believe I might need a second viewing first before I actually go and start writing. It's a bit disappointing, but I'm overall satisfied with it. I mean...


The best twist a movie whose EVERY possible twist has been theorized would simply be... no twist at all.


Anyways, how was my Radio 1 and Campus Central last Saturday? Why, I thought you'd never ask... let me tell you that Campus Central should've already been a dead portion, but I carried on with it, anyway. Apparently, I was the first person to do Campus Central in months, but anyways... nonetheless, things were going really well for me the first two batches. I was merely reading off my tips for enjoying the last day of sembreak, and that was it, really.

However, come the third batch of my tips, I heard another voice talking while I was on air. Chico was mimicking every single word I was saying, and he completely threw me off the track. I was having a hard time regaining my composure until Delle told Chico to stop because "Marcelle looks like he was having a heart attack". Looks like I failed that test, as to whether or not I would be capable of performing under distraction... but still, it was fairly fine, actually. After that, I had a short tournament in Club Arena with the bare minimum of eight players. My Ric Flair was doing better than expected when I tried out my deck with some of them.

Right after that, I went right back to RX for Radio 1, and the topic me and Matrix picked for discussion was "Non-politicians you would want to have as president of this country." Interesting answers came in, as some people predictably gave Chico and Delle, and a few other DJ's as entries. Some even voted for Matrix, whose real name was actually Wilburt. As proof of what kind of people want Ping Lacson, they insisted on mentioning his name EVEN IF HE'S A RUDDY POLITICIAN. For lack of a better answer, I gave "Mike Enriquez" at the end of the show, and played up the I'm-not-biased-because-he's-from-La-Salle-I'm-from-Ateneo-but-I-picked-him-anyway game with Matrix. Even more interestingly, I've been handling the disorienting console quite decently, though I made gaffs here and there due to the fact I didn't exactly train with ALL the music in the computer, and not a single CD in sight.

My first hour was fun, as I was manning the board. Yeah, I sure made a few mistakes here and there, but I got to play mostly the songs I wanted to hear, and I liked that a lot. The second hour was pretty fine, as Matrix took over the board, and I was looking into the replies. Funny stuff, really.

After the show, I just went straight home... ah, well.

Wednesday (Quite a fast forward, actually.) was fine, as I was once again in the La Salle area, just playing SNK vs Capcom, which I seem to be not as good at anymore, what with everyone getting the hang of using the counter dash against Geese Howard. I'll have to practice a bit more with Tessa, though. Looks like she has a glitch I can use to my advantage... I met up with a friend who was exceedingly nice to talk to. I'm glad she actually took the time out to chat with me, as beating up people trying to cheat my Geese Howard has started to get boring towards the end... heh. Even ran into Mac, and the yaoi jokes abounded once again... ah, well. I wonder when the pariah status will ever be reneged, neh? I suppose that explains why I have a vampire policy: do nothing unless given license to do so.

*jaded* and I have been talking a bit lately. She's still as fun as ever to talk to, and yes, she still thinks I'm leading her soul to corruption with all the things I talk to her about... I'm exceedingly glad she didn't get the entrende when I told her about "cutting her hair"... nonetheless, I'm pretty much doing well lately, and things are picking up.

Film class with Fr. Nick was funny again. For Asian film, we viewed "Shall We Dance", which was about a guy who tried to start dancing because he saw a girl who tickled his fancy, who happened to be a dance instructor. Abby was sitting in on the class (As she intends to all the time...). A few memorable lines?

Fat Guy: Do you really think I'm disgusting? Does my dancing really make you sick? The last girl I loved said the exact same thing about me, and I wasn't even dancing at the time. (You can tell I looked into somebody's direction at that point.)

Mr. Yamaguchi: You see, I took up dancing (Or is it CS21? Heh! ::winks::) because of you...

Believe me: it was a funny and dramatic film, and I'd love to watch it again. Now THAT movie deserves an A- at the least, whereas Matrix: Revolutions deserves about a B+...

See you jabronis next time!

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