Monday, October 23, 2006

Another Update..

.:Did I Mention To You That...:.

... well, for hosting the WWE Smackdown Tour Press Conference, they actually paid me?

I would've gladly paid them for the honor of introducing King Bookah!

.:Today's Headlines!:.

- Tindero ng karne nasagasaan, naging gulay!!!
- Capt. Hook dumaan sa Quiapo, pinirata!!!
- Palaisdaan, nasunog!!!
- Tahanang walang hagdan, inakyat!!!
- Bakla sumali sa away, napasubo!!!
- Bagong tuli nagyabang, lumaki ang ulo!!!
- Unang madre, napagkamalang penguin!!!
- Bulag nakapatay, nagdilim daw ang paningin!!!
- Iceman nanood ng porno, nag init!!!
- Tindera ng suka, tinoyo!!!
- Teacher nagkamali, tinuruan ng leksyon!!!
- Eroplano nag crash, lahat ng pasahero namatay ayon sa mga survivors!!!!
- Basurero nag sampa ng kaso, binasura!!!
- Dahil may reklamo, eskwelahan ng mga bingi nag noise barrage!!!
- Tubero, nagka-tulo!!!
- Lalaki natagpuang pugot ang ulo, inaalam pa kung buhay!!!
- Barbero tumestigo sa krimen ayaw paniwalaan!!!
- Misis ng photgrapher, nakunan!!!
- Tindera ng tubig, namatay sa uhaw!!!
- Kaso ng pilay, nilalakad!!!
- Invisible Man, nakita na!!!
- Bakla lumuhod sa simbahan, pinalabas!!!
- Labandera nagkamali, sinabon!!!
- Janitor sumali sa basketball, nilampaso!!!
- Dahil lagi raw tulog, guwardiya binantayan!!!

.:Simple Joys:.

There are times in life where you come across a person you've known for so long, but only really manage to bond with after a long time.

Camy (Francisco.) is one of those people.

Yesterday, I made a beeline for the ICA fair, which I found to be rather boring, and the blaring music didn't provide me with ample opportunity to really make a valid go at street magic. Nonetheless, there weren't too many attractions as the booths were so-so, and the sights (Ahem.) weren't particularly stellar. Despite that, running into some friends while walking around there was pretty fun, and I do believe that if I just managed to muster up the nerve, I can finally try my hand at being just a street magician for fun.

So since I was bored out of my wits, and since I knew Camy lived near the area, we were already in touch even before I got there, and she told me to meet her at Starbucks around 6 in the evening. Anyways, that being said, we met up, and we just really had a very engaging conversation with each other.

Truth be told, it was way cool and really fun hanging out with her. Talking to Camy has proven to be a very enlightening endeavor, and I'm glad I did just that. She was just telling me about things she's been going through recently, while I introduced her to Mr. Bing, and then after a while, I walked her back to her house, which was a long but insight-filled walk, since really now, we haven't ever really been able to talk to each other that much.

I wish her the best.

.:The Geek Gene Is Also Found In Females...:.

One of the most ignorant articles (By a female, of all people!) regarding female geeks came out in the Toronto Star, where we were treated to a very insightful Q and A of insipid attempts at what I can only hope was comedy and not outright idiocy.

I can understand the jokes made in the article about having pink colors as a means of attracting female programmers, as it's a bit tongue-in-cheek, but there are just some outright inane comments that really make me think the writer was just downright offensive.

Take this quote on for size:

Do you think fewer women are getting involved in technology because they're not as interested in it, or are they just not smart enough?

What? You mean to tell me that being male or female determines your freaking IQ? This, coming from a female writer? I don't know about you, but hearing something as absolutely ridiculous as that just really grates on me. It flies in the face of the progress we supposedly have made from the dark ages, where we no longer expect being male or female to automatically limit the kind of things they can do, especially in the realm of the intellectual.

On top of that, what I find to be annoying about the tone of the article is the assertion that making babies is a distraction for female techies. What makes technology any different from any other career that women are already prominent in? If “making babies” wasn't a “distraction” from women in those other career paths, why technology, then?

Can we please, please, please, learn to move away from the stupid dark ages already? I thought that went out of fashion since Vanilla Ice already...

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