Friday, October 27, 2006

Finally, Posts!

.:It's Great Seeing You Again...:.

Christelle is one of my best friends for years, and I haven't seen her for a long while, considering how wonky both our schedules have been with each other for the most part. Despite that, we still try our best to keep up with the news with each other, mainly through SMS messages and reading each other's LJ updates.

Last Monday, Chris and I just caught up with each other and really enjoyed each other's company after practically two years of not meeting up. We met in Megamall, and little has changed. It's like we never lost touch, really, as I still remembered precisely why she's one of my dearest friends for so many years already, and I'm extremely happy about hearing her stories about her other profitable endeavors and so forth.

In any case, we had dinner at Teriyaki Boy, where we ended up swapping loads of stories, mostly stuff that we've been missing out on since we last met up. I know there isn't really much to say about the meeting as far as specific events go, but our conversations were really insightful, as I learned more and more how she's been enjoying herself in the meantime, and well, perhaps, find opportunities for the both of us to meet up some more, all the same.

I'm glad to have had dinner and engaging conversation with Chris last Monday. It's been a blast, and one can hope that we find more opportunities to meet up with each other.

Same invitation goes to *jaded*, of course. ;)

Quite honestly, Christelle does remind me a lot of Clair... and vice versa... =P

.:Little Magical Steps:.

So Clair believes I should call myself “Kel the Magic Mushroom” to combine my air name and my intended stage name, “Magikel” (I keed, I keed.). Today, I had my first attempt at genuine publicity as I performed magic tricks for a few teachers and some kids of Second Mom pre-school while they had their Halloween party before their semestral break. It was all good, really, and I think I acquitted myself well enough with “Free Chance”, “Nest of Coin Boxes”, “Cardtoon”, “Coin Paddle”, and parts of “Liquid Metal”.

In any case, I have a good number of effects I can use, and I've been doing pretty well with it lately. Hopefully, I can continue to improve, because I know I've definitely progressed a heck of a lot in the mere three weeks I've been trying to get into magic again...

My gratitude to Elbert for asking me to go to the party where he was a judge for the costume party, among other things. Antoinette Taus was also there, and I saw Jimmy, an old friend, who is apparently teaching there now, and came to the party as Shrek, which was something I won't let him live down... heh.

.:JGL, Assemble!:.

Well, not everyone, but Clair, Sean, and Ranulf were with me and April at the premiere of “The Prestige”, and I managed to procure five tickets for us. While we got there relatively late mainly because Eric Mana and Gia were already hosting the premiere, I still went ahead to the front of the stage and took part in the whole thing. That being said, the movie was great, and as usual, I practiced my magic some more. At this point, my goal is simply to be able to master most of my stuff by the end of my vacation leave, as this is already the last week for me, which is a bit sad, but I guess all good things must come to an end... heh.

After the film, we hung out a bit more at Gloria Jean's before we finally called it a night... it was way, way cool. =)

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