Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Small Weekend Wonders...

.:He Never Learns...:.

People seem to fail to realize that you will always miss the shots you never take. When people question the wisdom of doing something or taking a risk, the heart of the matter is that people are actually failing to realize that it's a self-fulfilling prophecy when you don't even try or condemn an effort to failure from the get-go.

There are many schools of thought to dealing with relationships of any ilk, and one of the most prominent would have to be the belief in waiting for “the one” and that everyone is destined to find that so-called “one”. While this is all good and interesting, it still boils down to the fact that quite frankly, when one merely waits, they are liable to let a lot of people pass them by. People who could've been that “one”.

Will the universe utterly conspire to work in your favor and get you with that person? Will destiny bring you together no matter what the odds may be? If that were true then, why is there a need for courtship or getting to know others? If that were true then, why would one have several other relationships before finding the “one”? Is that not a sign that in a world filled with failed relationships and heartbreaks, that destiny doesn't really quite work that way?

At some point, one has to realize that life is nowhere nearly as simple as allowing something so good, something real, to drop on the lap. Such passiveness flies in the face of the free will the human being has been given.

It's disappointing, really, but at the end of the day, it's just another heartbreak. You tend to get used to that after a while.

Maybe someday, there won't be a heart to wear on Marcelle's sleeve any longer.

.:Genuine Surprises:.

So I was in Eastwood, hanging out with Estelle, ND, and a new friend, Jay, who's one of 'Elle's old friends who's also into debating.

It was really fun, to say the least, because this came after a mini road trip with Mang Ted as I redeemed my money order, and then had a bit of fun at the arcade in UM.

Nonetheless, things were going very well, and then, a genuine surprise suddenly appeared right before my very eyes as I was seated with them in Seattle's Best.

Camy, as in Camy Francisco, showed up outside the window and waved at me.

So I asked her to come inside so I could introduce her to everyone, and lo and behold, she hit it off with everyone right away.

It was definitely a unique experience, as quite honestly, I've never spoken to her for as long as I have that evening, and she was a genuinely cool person. One can only hope she does well with the interview she's been meaning to secure for herself...

Anyways, we all really just enjoyed each other's company, as it turned out that Camy was in the area because she was keen on watching Up Dharma Down. It was definitely a pretty eventful night, as Camy instantly gelled with ND and Estelle, which I found to be really cool.

.:Hanging Out:.

My wholehearted thanks to Estelle for keeping me company yesterday. Watching “The Shining” with you and Tita Toots was loads of fun, and thanks for being patient enough while I racked up fifteen wins at Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, and for being so nice to Mr. Ben Ting while we talked in his shop in Shoppesville.

This is exactly why I'm so grateful for my Bessie... =)

.:Ninth Place?:.

When the cutoff is the top eight, it gets incredibly frustrating when you're the ninth place. Oh, well. Life goes on. Hahahahaha...

.:A Magician's Secret I'm Willing To Reveal:.

One of the coolest thing about being a magician is that if you want to, you can use the fact that you're performing magic as an excuse to hold a girl's hand for as long as you want.

It's one of the simple pluses of being a magician, though I wouldn't really know, since I'm not one myself...

I'm sure a certain friend of mine named Anne gets the picture... hahaha.

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si anne pala ah haha. i think i know how you did the tricks you showed me during the prerelease