Sunday, October 22, 2006


.:Rocking Comicon:.

I met up with Elbert and Estelle and Chino to go to the Comicon where Chino was a finalist for the Lead Slinger contest. In there, I ran into the usual people like Jac and Jonas, and Dominique also showed up, for good measure.

Anyways, there wasn't really much going on, and in fact, I had an interesting time practicing my magic stuff as I saw Camy, and made some new acquaintances aside from that. For lunch, I was with Estelle and her debate partner as they made their battle plan and I helped in the least way I could, giving anecdotal tips and all that, at the very least. Afterwards, we went back.

Of course, when Camy and Estelle met again, Camy looked for Elbert first before she kissed Estelle on the cheek. Apparently, she didn't want to feed El's lez fetish. Hahahaha. After all that, and meeting one of the guys I was a fan of, Mr. Gilbert Monsanto, I ended up seeing someone who caught my eye.

Turns out her name is Addy Dy, and since I was too shy to just walk up to her and introduce myself, I decided to pull an elaborate attempt to get to know her with help from Jonas, who acted as the guy who would record the magic on camera. He did record it, and he told me he'd try uploading it on YouTube, in any case.

So there I was, with no street magic performances to my name, but I just wanted to give it a try. Real elaborate, but I did the Cardtoon trick and the Coin Box nest, and both tricks just really worked like a charm, and I was extremely pleased how well I pulled it off. Heh. Anyways, given all that, she told me I did well, although I looked really nervous after the fact, and all that. I didn't have the nerve to ask her number, though, so I had to turn to Camy (Who already got her number prior to that.) for help in that department, and we've been exchanging text messages lately.

(Turns out she's a very interesting girl. She likes anime and manga, reads comics, and also has a mild interest in wrestling. It was definitely awesome... heh.)


So afterwards, El, 'Elle, and I met up with April at Seattle's Best, where I ran across Diane by coincidence. It was a pretty good day, although given how El will be in Malabon, and Estelle will be in Baguio, it'd be a while before I meet them again, so there was a mild amount of sadness in that last gathering for the moment. Nonetheless, it still worked pretty well, and I was teaching Estelle how to do the Coin Paddle trick.

Afterwards, Elbert stayed behind for his mom to fetch him, and April, 'Elle, and I went off to Greenhills so I can go and get some more stuff from Mr. Bing and he really had nice stories for the three of us. April and Estelle were mystified by Mr. Bing as always, and we had a great time, to say the least.

From there, we just had a road trip, although one of the most awkward moments turned up at that point. April's bag was on my lap, and she was looking for something in her bag, so her hands rummaged through the bag and I had to sheepishly tell her to stop because I didn't want her finding something she didn't want to find in her bag... hahahaha.

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