Friday, October 20, 2006



Guess who's going to the Smackdown press conference on Friday?

Oooohhhhh, yeah...

.:All Over The Place:.

The thing I noticed about me lately is that I've been so occupied with work and hanging out with friends that my blogging has been taking a severe hit. I think what really wrecks my blogging habits is the fact that I don't get too much input from other minds greater than I when it comes to contemplative thought except in one of those rare moments where El, 'Elle, and I end up doing nothing more than just philosophizing, but those moments are few and far in between.

In exchange for that, I have to admit that the goings-on in my life have gotten to be extremely more exciting. From meeting new people to trying new things to learning new tricks, this old dog is still going... heh.

I woke up when September ended, and I realized that this isn't the worst year of my life, despite how it initially felt. It turns out that in reality, this year has been a year for me to really make even bigger changes than I already did last year.

Last year was a matter of survival. I was evicted from my house, I had to find a way to make ends meet and still save along somewhat.

This year was a matter of revival. I had to rediscover what it took for me to press on in the face of adversity from within, and without automatically turning to a significant other as a crutch. While my best friends would be there for me no matter what, they still allowed me to have some moments where I faced problems head-on by myself, and triumphed in spite of it.

This year so far has been nothing but interesting, and with a little under three months to go, I know I made it through what should've been the worst times of my life.

That's precisely why it isn't the worst year of my life.

.:Piling On:.

It's amazing how people can kick a man while he's down.

So Mr. Binay, not one of my favorite people, ended up getting suspended from his mayoral duties in Makati. No big deal, I guess I'm used to stuff like that happening, but what surprised me was that in his attempt to undermine the system, he ended up compounding his troubles.

You see, he was running around with his marine jacket on just the other day to show off his preparedness to fight off his suspension and the accusations leveled his way at the same time. As a marine reserve, he should've known that such a display is actually illegal, and now, the Armed Forces of the Philippines are considering filing a complaint against him for that.

Here's a man who has done a lot for his city, both good and bad. From the paralysis the businesses in Makati have experienced due to the frequent rallies in the city, to the numerous benefits the citizens of Makati have been experiencing, Binay is a man who has polarized a lot of people.

At the end of the day, I hope he doesn't get sued for the uniform issue. I find it petty and nitpicking, and it would be best for him to simply face the music regarding the complaints leveled at him, whether or not he is innocent of these charges. Truth be told, I realize it seems as if he is being singled out (And I wouldn't dispute that he isn't.), but really now, when you go fishing, do you catch all the fish in the sea?


I'm watching “Ice Cream Unwrapped” on the Lifestyle Network right now, and I'm drooling. Oh, my gawrsh.

.:It's Definitely Like A Magic:.

As a kid, I've always been fond of doing magic. You might say that it's one of those childhood dreams I never took seriously, but I knew that on some level, I could be some kind of a magician.

Well, fast forward to a decade and a half later, and I'm still an amateur.

While I know that I have a long way to go before I can consider myself any good, it's still definitely way cool that I've been making oodles of progress over the past couple of weeks, far more than I ever have in my entire life, and that's without an unnecessary dependence on trick decks or other similar gimmicks.

In the past few weeks, I've been learning from people far greater than I who shall remain unnamed so that I don't jinx my progress so far.

From videos to hands-on demonstrations to ideas to routine lineups to patter, I've been working on this a lot. It's a talent of sorts that has been on again, off again for me, but now, more than ever, I believe I am capable of a great deal of self-improvement, and I can't help but feel that this is simply a step into the right direction and a way for me to appreciate the value of magic far and beyond mere deception or mysticism.

Magic is part and parcel of life. Sometimes, one simply has to look deeper into one's self to find that thing that inspires awe and wonder, and I guess, in whatever I do, I try to find that “magic” not merely for myself, but for the lives I touch as well. Whether I be a teacher who inspires a student to excel, or a dj whose ideas reach out to an unsuspecting listener, or Hades, a professional wrestler who entices others who see his matches to soar to greater heights, a lot can be said for magic's value in life.

Again, another thing that I have to be thankful for in having allowed me to make it through the year far better than I thought I would...

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