Thursday, September 04, 2008

My Progress Is Slow...

.:Thesis Crawl!:.

In line with my desire to be well-paid for my magic shows, I think it's good to know that Ned and Ardy Roberto releases marketing business solutions book. Jay and I have been considering an agent as of late, and I think there's room for that.

Unfortunately, this means that I've been focusing a lot on an upcoming mall tour, some shows here and there, and my thesis has been left to the wayside.

Well, I want to change that. I'm going to have to do a lot of research this month, but the goal is to have fifteen serviceable pages by the end of the month for my thesis, and proceed to writing another thirty pages by the end of October.

With any luck, I'd be finished writing come December, which would mean I'd be in time for my thesis defense, and I'll be graduating in 2009.

It's crunch time, and admittedly, Monster Hunter has been taking way too much of my time lately, further keeping me from making much progress. I must be one of the most horrible examples of time management ever... yarr.

.:On The Employment End...:.

Well, there's still no word from RT regarding getting me, truth be told. Having said that though, I've applied in a few stations already, including Magic 89.9 for the very first time. While this by no means guarantees me anything, the mere fact that I finally dared to apply in Magic seems to be a sign to me... of what, well, I can't tell just yet...

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