Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Return To Radio? Not Quite, But...

.:It's Still In The Works...:.

Last week, I actually went on air at 99.5 RT, using my real name, Marcelle. It was particularly unremarkable, in that it was really just a segment that needed to be done for an advertiser, and they needed students, which I still technically am.

Having said that, it was during Joe Spi... err... Koji Morales' timeslot, which made for lots of cool interaction with the man, whom I haven't been able to speak to or hang out with much since that fateful August day.

While they're still trying to settle into the new groove of things for the station, it's perfectly understandable that hiring a jock at their graveyard slot is not at the top of their priorities, but it's quite interesting to note that the segment I went on air for involves a program that, on-air staff or not, I might very well find myself involved in, one way or another.

.:The School Of Jock:.

A few years ago, when Robi and I were still both part of WAVE 891, we came up with the idea of relaunching their student DJ program as "School Of J.O.C.K.", which of course conjures memories of the Jack Black film "School Of Rock". That kinda was the idea, and we had some really cool bits for promotion, ads, and whatnot in mind as we tried to make it happen.

Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be, as WAVE 891 has yet to come up with any student DJ program at all since the demise of the "Hip Circle", which my longtime partner from WAVE while I was there, Gia, was an alumna of. This meant that since both Robi and myself were no longer in WAVE, the "School Of Jock" idea was fair game anywhere we could take it.

Fast forward to now, and it looks like School Of Jock will find a home in 99.5 RT.

As I told Robi, it doesn't matter whether or not I end up part of the on-air staff, so long as I have a part in making it happen. I want to be a trainer for School Of Jock, as the idea is very close to my heart and I gave so much time and effort in drafting everything from the mission-vision, to even what we could do to make the program CHED-certified, including the hoops we'd need to jump through.

Couple this with the open invite for me to try out for MAX 103.5, and you can tell that this point of transition is actually a rather exciting time for me in radio land...

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