Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Oktoberfest Launch Is Gonna Be Big, I Know It!

.:Have I Told You Yet That I'm Actually Straight Edge?:.

Maybe not in the uber-hardcore sense, and definitely not with the music inclinations per se, but I'm as close to straight edge as can be without people clearly identifying me as one.

Having said that, I guess that explains all too well why I've never been drunk in my entire life...

Despite that, though, I still enjoyed the Oktoberfest launch, and even had a toast with my fellow bloggers who were there... with Chocolait!

The launch is happening simultaneously in multiple venues, and THIRD EYE BLIND will be the act to watch out for, no doubt!

Having said that, things are quiet lately, but there will be a picture, once I get to gank it from Poyt.

In the meantime, my blogging is gonna be real erratic. I'm still undergoing transition.

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janettetoral.com said...

Good for you Marcelle!
I wonder if the Oktoberfest thing will be affected with the crisis and all. (although one can argue that we are always in crisis)