Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mind Bogglers: Holy Spirit Fair, February 14, 3PM!

.:Catch You There, Everyone!:.

Well, one-half of Kel 'n Jay, yours truly, will be performing this Saturday at Holy Spirit in Mendiola for their fair in a show entitled "Mind Bogglers", around 3PM or so. It will, as always, be a fun blend of laughs and gasps as you've come to expect from me and my partner Jay.

Tickets are a very affordable 20 pesos each, so here's hoping that I catch some of you guys, as I perform what ought to be one of my most high-profile shows so far this year. Here's to seeing you guys out there!

P.S. Wait... or is it "Mind Bloggers"? Well, you can ask Corinne Evangelista for more details, if ever.

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