Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Chiz Stands Alone

.:Meet And Greet Chiz Escudero!:.

The Chiz Stands Alone!

Before I begin, pictures are courtesy of Achie Rochelle.

Last August 13, Chiz Escudero graciously invited us bloggers to meet him and get to know him up close and personal. It was quite an experience, because I never did get to know Chiz beyond the Chiz Facts site, which is obviously meant as a joke, just like the Jamby Madrigal blog that's been the subject of much amusement and derision recently.

Admittedly, the wait was pretty long and a tad frustrating, but great chicharon for appetizers, a funny and quick-witted waiter, some hilarious discussions about DOTA mods (Read it quickly, and you'll get it.) and Diablo in front of very clueless people like my my Achie, and some magic definitely kept the night from being a drag.

That, and when we finally saw Senator Escudero, I personally believe it was worth the wait. He was very witty, and very candid with his answers, and we even managed to sneak in some political questions given how there were at least four political bloggers among our batch. What really made it funny was how he interacted with Achie, as apparently, Chiz's ex prior to finding his wife was named "Rochelle", and he took every chance to say Achie's name aloud with so much feeling, relishing every opportunity he got to do so.

To say that Senator Escudero is a straightforward person who shoots from the hip is a given. He's got the gift of gab, and he knows how to connect with people from various walks of life. Needless to say, if he does run for president, he'd be one of the few people at the top of my mind, and I'm definitely glad I got the chance to meet him and even have a picture taken with him after I performed a demonstration of psychokinesis for him.

It was a most entertaining rendezvous with the good senator, and I was thoroughly enlightened by his very refreshing take on life and politics. If he ever invited me to another one of his gatherings, I wouldn't hesitate to say "yes".


rochellesychua said...

Nice post sioti :)

Thanks so much for the invite!

The Chubbychef said...

I'm so green with envy right now! I wanted to cut the cheese with THE MAIN Chiz...


note to self:

STOP WITH CHIZ jokes. You are not being funny nor witty.

Marcelle said...

@Achie: Thanks, Achie! It was my pleasure!

@Chubbychef: Speak for yourself, I was amused by your cheesy puns. :P

The Chubbychef said...

Eto na!!

Chizy Chizy Chizy!