Thursday, August 06, 2009

Lost Gems Of Philippine History: Cory's Last Unsent Letter

.:Lost Gems Of Philippine History: Cory's Last Unsent Letter:.

Dear Kris,

I know I don't have long, given my condition. I've been very weak, and I've fought a long battle. In the end, there are very few things I'd really want to say.

In the end, all of it boils down to two statements: I know, and I understand.

I know it will be inevitable people would lose sight of the freedom they now enjoy, and choose to focus on my mistakes rather than what I fought for in life, and what Ninoy stood for in death. I understand that most of them will not have lived through the horrors we have lived through, few of them will know the pain of losing the man you love at what appeared to be his moment of triumph, and in understanding, I pay the price. I'd rather they took me for granted, rather than they'd have nothing to take for granted.

I know I will be revered to the point of sainthood by some, but I certainly wish that weren't the case. I am not an extraordinary person with talents available only to myself. I was merely a person who was in the right place and at the right time, and did what she thought was best at each step of the way. To say I am special and above everyone else denies people the right to aspire to become good, upright people, and provides them with an excuse to mire themselves in complacency and mediocrity. I understand how hard it is to find a hero in these times, but all they need do is look at themselves and believe they can be that person. I was never perfect. I was never a saint. I made more mistakes than I'd care to count. Despite that, it is not the man with no fear who is courageous, but the man who faces the fears he is beset with.

I know people will feel pain over those who choose to belittle the spirit of EDSA: a spirit that is certainly bigger than me alone. I find it the opposite: it is a cause for celebration. That these people are free to express their sentiments, no matter how upsetting it may be, is proof that the spirit of EDSA has done its job, perhaps imperfectly, but it is still a job that has been done. I understand. There's still so much more to do, and what we as a nation have done from 1986 is but one step in a long journey.

I know some people will choose to complain rather than to understand what is going on. Maybe they'd complain about a TV coverage happening in the middle of some girl dancing provocatively, or complain about traffic and weather getting in the way of whatever they want to do, or complain about how you, dear Kris, will inevitably say something so brutally frank some might feel you are merely using me. I understand, but know all too well that it is your unabashed honesty, to the point of tactlessness, that I can't help but love about you: there is no need to second guess anything about you.

I know some people will ride the wave of my death, and use it to elevate their status. They will attempt to pretend that they are one with the people, but in the end use the people much the same way they have always been. I understand them. That does not mean I condone them, or the way they use me in death as some of them have used me in life. They may ride the coattails of history for now, but they will expose themselves for what they truly are, sooner or later.

And lastly...

... I know some people will confuse my impending death with President Arroyo's. Our names are rather similar, we're both female presidents, we're both Capampangan, to name a few things that could confuse people. I know some people would wish it were her instead of me to be laid to rest soon.

I understand that. ;)



Ade said...

LOLOLOLOLOL I loved the last paragraph.

Neil said...

Shout out to all the bigots online who so-called want to remember her as someone else with evil horns and a big dark cross behind her. Fucking ingrates, those charlatans sure don't know how to say thanks to her while they are currently enjoying their fucking 'press freedom'.

Love this article. And LOL at the last line as well. Hahaha!

Laya said...

LOL I could imagine her saying this.

Last paragraph is FTW!