Saturday, August 01, 2009

You're The 1 Goldilocks Awarding Night...


Last night's Goldilocks event was the first event I co-produced under Nuffnang with my good friends and co-workers Judd, Ann, Carlos, and Patty, as we labored for two weeks to make sure everything was in top form, from venue to celebration, and it was a resounding success, to say the least.

While admittedly, an unsavory infraction which we allowed to occur (As we had no choice, really.) happened, and there was a bit of a snafu involving the runners-up, overall, the success of the contest, resulting in an increase to ten prizes for the top blog posts, was taken rather well by the winners, as it gave everyone more chances to win.

Goldilocks had Juddha Paolo and Ms. Eloisa Lacap host the event, and we were all excited to know who would win. Since I wasn't privy to the judging process, I was as much in the dark as the others were as to whose entries were judged the best by the Goldilocks judging committee.

Anyways, having said that, it was quite awesome seeing all the winners, especially Noemi Dado come home with the grand prize, as her entry was nothing short of a tear-jerker, to say the least. That, and the other big "winner" must've been Byahilo, who managed to get first dibs on having a picture taken with special guest, Goldilocks endorser Dingdong Dantes, who I'm surprised still actually remembers me after all these years. Heh.

With people decorating their own cakes, among other things, it's quite obvious that everyone had fun, what with all the good stuff Goldilocks had lined up for them, and who knows? Perhaps there's more lined up in the near future.

It was quite a great night for all the bloggers who went, and I'm pleased as punch that it was a resounding success. Thanks to Goldilocks for making this event possible, and of course, thanks to all the bloggers who went and helped make the first event I helped organize with Nuffnang a whopping success!

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pehpot said...

as I have said int he event.. congrats! it was a great event and my kids love the freebies.. specially the cake :)

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