Monday, July 26, 2010

Over The Weekend...

.:Fun Tourney!:.

Played Vintage for once in a long time. Went pretty well, as I actually made it to the top 8.

.:King-Less But Fruitful:.

The last two Disenchanted Kingdom episodes I attended featured the band of idiots without the King DJ Logan, but both shows still resulted in an excellent show packed with just the right amounts of innuendo, comedy, cheesiness, and conflict.

In fact, towards the tailend of the show, a debate erupted between the male and female camps regarding the nature of coffee dates – that it should lead to sex, but a man who settles for coffee dates is a loser, since coffee dates, according to Marf, more often than not, are useless.

As the guy who’s supposed to be the non-alpha male in the outfit, I ended up looking dumbstruck as, well, I go on a lot of coffee dates, and sex was, ermm, never part of the agenda. It was rather amusing to find myself smack dab in the middle of a fairly animated discussion that really showcased how alpha males think as opposed to females.

It’s really been fun at the DK lately, what with the expanded roster of misfits populating the show. There’s a wide range of personalities, quirks, and sensibilities at play, and things couldn’t be better for the DK, really.

Last Thursday was pretty awesome because it was KDL’s birthday, actually. Unfortunately, he was on birthday leave, so I didn’t run into him. Haha. All good, though, as I’m sure I’ll be running into him tomorrow as I drop in on the show.

.:A Running Joke:.

Last Saturday, I hosted Mike Unson’s show in Conspiracy, and while it was definitely a very good show all around, what was very shocking about the whole night was the fact that it ended up becoming an opportunity for them to poke fun over the fact that I lent somebody a huge amount of money and promptly being treated like crap by said person afterwards.

It felt like every single comedian, including LC of Reklamo, was reminding people not to lend other people 11,000 bucks just because. I was both amused and mortified throughout the night, but hey, I suppose it all works out in the end.

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