Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Project 365 (207/365): The Cardboard Box Illusion

.:207/365: The Cardboard Box Illusion:.

This illusion looks positively dangerous, but unlike the ill-fated bullet catch routine, so far, no casualties have ever been recorded, although I’m sure getting this routine wrong would really hurt in the morning.

Most effects of similar ilk tend to use conspicuous props like a wooden trunk or something equally reusable, but the visceral nature of utilizing a very and obviously disposable cardboard box for the illusion really does add an air of legitimacy to how the routine is performed.

Personally, this is one of those routines that I definitely would love to perform, as it’s a classic, and is actually relatively easy to perform once you figure out the motions and the showmanship required to make this come off as nothing short of a miracle. Nonetheless, there’s something eerie about how the illusion works, that gives a very dangerous vibe as it’s being performed. Thankfully, those who know how it’s done know better than to actually make any fatal mistakes with this routine, which is why this particular illusion has gained quite a following, and continues to mystify a lot of people.

You know what gets me, though? I’ve seen the legendary Lou Hilario perform a variation of this illusion, and it involved a child volunteer. The child never even knew what happened as she apparently just lay in the box as Tito Lou got to work.

What makes this positively amazing is that most versions of this illusion require an assistant, not a volunteer, for very obvious reasons...

I guess some magic secrets still remain as secrets in this day and age...

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