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The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs Of 2010

.:My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs For 2010:.

It’s that time once again when my favourite writing project comes around. The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs has been an annual tradition for myself that I have kept up with, mainly because I like keeping an eye on key blogs who are making waves in the circles.

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As an employee of Nuffnang, it’s definitely my job to keep an eye on these bloggers, and I have to say that it was rather difficult to come up with only ten blogs for me to wholeheartedly recommend, but here’s the list, for your perusal. I’m doing this in a countdown format, in terms of how I personally rank these blogs, although their order has no bearing whatsoever on the final tally for the project.

Ultimately, they are influential not because of their Alexa Ranking or their Pagerank, but simply because of their ability to penetrate the consciousness of the people who read their blogs. It doesn't matter if a billion people read your blog if nobody reading your blog agrees with you. These blogs do not just find an agreeable audience cooperating with them each step of the way, but an audience whose choices, lifestyles, even humor and way of thinking, are influenced by each of these ten very influential blogs.

Furthermore, you can check out my picks in 2008 and in 2009, if you’re so inclined.

10. The He Said, She Said Of Reviews

Having a sweet match-made-in-heaven couple form a tandem blog meant to review movies and other similar topics is a novel concept, and Yesnomeh manages to pull this off very well. I like the contrasting writing styles, and the amusing byplay between the two writers, and being personally acquainted with them, I can practically imagine them talking with each other as they write their entries, bickering playfully and bantering gamely with each other.

It's really hard to go wrong with this site. They know what they're talking about, and the way they play off of each other just feels so... natural. If more couples interacted like these two do, what a better world this would be!

9. Project 52 Weeks: Even More Ambitious Than A Project 365:.

I have a Project 365 in my blog that tackles topics involving magic on a daily basis, but even my daily output cannot compare to the rigors of making one short film a week. My good friend, Mica, was up to the challenge.

Mica is an amazing blogger as is, but now, she turns her attention to the world of short films in a very ambitious blog. Project 52 Weeks is full of surprises, as Mica’s directorial vision knows no boundaries and isn’t saddled by any restrictions. With 52 quality short films bound to come out of this project, you can be sure that some screenwriters will take notice of this body of work.

Mica: today a name, tomorrow a directorial legend? Let’s hope so.

8. Kikay Runner: Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

Noelle De Guzman is a TV host, a model, a brilliant woman, and well-known as the The Kikay Runner. As a lady who frequently does well in running competitions, her advice, her thoughts, and her rants and raves are worth listening to for anyone who’s remotely interested in running: or getting to know one of the most eligible bachelorettes in the blogosphere today.

I do believe that when you look at someone as stunning as Noelle, and she's telling you that running has kept her as fit as she is, then you're bound to pay attention.

7. Slumberdoll: Within The Woman Behind The Lens Lies Sheer Awesomeness

Tricia Gosingtian, better known as Slumberdoll online, is a known photographer and model who has certainly made a name for herself in the industry already. She has inspired a lot of new photographers, and has often been confused for a cosplayer with her pretty looks and amazing fashion sense.

I think this blog is influential simply because she has a rabid following wherever she goes, and when it comes to dictating trends in her wide sphere of influence, it’s hard not to listen to someone like her, as her opinions in the world of fashion and photography certainly carry a lot of weight, thanks to her very stellar resume.

6. When In Manila: The Daily Show, Except Not Daily

As a huge fan of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, Vince Golangco’s unique approach to fake news has proven to be very entertaining to watch on a regular basis on the site known as When In Manila. Admittedly, this isn’t the only content you can find in the website, but from the humor to the sheer clout Vince Golangco has achieved over time because of his efforts, this website has definitely influenced a lot of people and given online Filipinos a chance to appreciate Jon Stewart’s stylings in a more contemporary and relevant setting.

Vince Golangco's blog is funny, off-the-wall, and bound to give birth to a host of other Filipino blogs willing to follow the trend of fake news catered to a more intellectual audience online.

.5. Pakshet: Totally Unpredictable

Judd Sta. Maria is also an employee of Nuffnang, but what makes him deserve a spot in this list is not his association with me as a colleague, but the sheer strength of one of his entries on his Tumblr, Pakshet.

In one particularly entry, he traced Chuck Norris and Manny Villar having a debate with each other, and Manny Villar promptly winning when he asked Chuck Norris kung nakaligo na ba siya sa dagat ng basura. This particular comic strip gained memetic notoriety and really put Villar to the forefront in the online arena, for all the good and bad things that caused.

Furthermore, it was also in this blog where Mr. Sta. Maria first broke exclusive photos of the unfortunate car explosion that happened in Serendra last year. He was the first on the scene, and managed to catch very vivid images of this event, that resulted in him being featured on television, proving the nagging suspicion we had that whenever trouble is around, you can be sure that Judd will be around, too.

4. Crissey: Cute, Smart, Definitely Influential

She may not be on FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women, but Crissey Si has legions of fans because of her very cute and childlike demeanor, backed by a very intelligent and introspective personality that often comes to the fore at the least expected of times.

It doesn’t matter what Crissey does online: it catches on. That’s how influential this lady is, and many of her fans and friends certainly can’t help but marvel at how she constantly manages to reinvent herself at every stage. There’s no question that her blog is already influential: the only thing that remains to be found out is how much further she can broker that power online and what that would hold for her not only online, but offline as well.

3. Foodie Manila: A Fresh Spin On A Tasty Topic

Let’s face it: food blogs are a dime a dozen. Anyone who eats and likes taking pictures of their food before they eat could potentially consider themselves to already be a food blogger, and there’s nothing wrong with that, really.

However, it becomes extremely difficult for any specific food blogger to stand out with so many of them. What my colleague here at Nuffnang, Carlos Palma, has successfully done, was to take this very oft-used concept and turn it on its head by upping quality across the board.

Foodie Manila is a food blog worth checking. From mouth-watering pictures of the food, to very thoughtful, soulful, insightful writing, Carlos Palma has his audience eating out of the palm of his hand, and it’s a delight to check this blog out on a regular basis.

2. Facebuko: Wittiness, Thine Name Is Jonas Roque

This blog would’ve been my top pick if I was polled last December 31. Facebuko is a humor blog that utilizes the Facebook interface for laughs and thought-provoking commentary. It can be a parody, it can be satire, it can be straight-up comedy, but no matter what, it makes you think.

I’m a huge fan of Facebuko’s blog. I know he has gained a following almost overnight by sheer dint of the quality of his output. Many people already liken him to other popular memetic blogs that made their name over a year ago, like Good Times Manila or even Tunay Na Lalake, which only underscores how highly regarded Facebuko is as a blog that influences the psyche of those who read it.

It’s well-written, it’s funny, it’s thought-provoking, it’s unbelievably creative, and it has a massive following. What about those qualities would make you think that Facebuko is not an influential blog?

1. Good Times With Mo: The Blog That Launches 80,000 Daily Hits

It’s good to be Mo Twister. No, really.

You’re on the flagship radio program of the flagship radio station of Radio Partners. You have showbiz friends, and you get to hang out with them all the time. You’re rumoured to be dating Rhian Ramos. You’re rich, you have women throwing themselves all over you, and you don’t even have to be the one raising your own kid, since the kid lives in the States.

And now, you even have a blog that generates a whopping 80,000 hits a day.

There is no question at all that if there is only one influential person in this entire list, then it would be Mo Twister. Here is a man who has made “Forbidden Questions” popular all over the country, who has given Brian Gorell a soapbox on radio, and has had almost as many controversies on a regular basis as Kris Aquino. This is a man whose listeners hold onto every word he says.

He has exerted influence not only in terms of hard numbers, but even with a solid few who are fanatical about all things Mo Twister. This man probably gave tons of precedent by which the KBP operates now, with his straight-from-the-hip commentary, rivaled on FM radio only by his contemporary on 99.5, King DJ Logan.

That his blog was simply more of the same comes as no surprise at all. He plugs his blog on air, and you will notice that every single time his show goes on commercial break, his listeners promptly check his blog out to see what's going on between commercials. That's how hooked his listeners are, and for that, he is, in my view, the emerging influential blog of 2010.

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