Friday, July 02, 2010

Project 365 (197/365): Blackstone

.:197/365: Blackstone:.

The name “Blackstone” is synonymous with two of the most amazing stage magicians of the last two centuries, as Harry Blackstone, Sr. and Harry Blackstone, Jr. both became household names in the world of magic through their wide variety of magical illusions, gentlemanly stature, and harkens back to a simpler age, where magic was truly a wonder of the vaudevillian age, and not the industrialized powerhouse it currently is.

Watching both men perform was a treat nobody should miss, even just through video archives. Considering that between the two of them, a majority of the developments in stage magic came to be, they were among the cutting edge performers of their time, from Blackstone Sr.’s amazing variation on the sawing a woman in half illusion, or Blackstone Jr.’s contributions to education through his magic, these are two of the most illustrious people in stage magic, and nobody can deny how amazing their stage presence truly can be.

I believe that the video you see in this particular entry is one of the most elegant illusions you will ever witness: a light bulb flying through mid-air all across the theatre, free for everyone to see and even hold. Blackstone’s signature illusion has endured for decades, and is one of the top 50 greatest magic tricks of all time, and in my personal list, probably one of the top 10, even.

It’s a shame that neither man is alive today to continue the amazing tradition they have upheld for two wonderful generations. The Blackstones were certainly a cut above the rest, and as the years go by, they continue to be revered figures in the industry that they have contributed so much to.

Again, do yourself a favor and watch some videos of the Blackstones. If you've seen "The Prestige" and remember that disappearing birdcage illusion that had a lot of gears and tools, Blackstone Sr. invented a variation of that, and it definitely was quite a crowd-pleaser

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