Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Project 365 (284/365): Ted Leslie's Cabaret Mindreading

.:284/365: Ted Leslie’s Cabaret Mindreading:.

The late and great Ted Leslie showcases his charm and wit in a very good compilation of mentalism effects that he performs superbly and explains very clearly.

The main reason I love this video set is because of his “Spectator as Mindreader” routine, where in a role reversal, he performs an excellent sucker routine that makes people believe he’s teaching someone a mentalism effect, yet in reality, he’s still actually every bit the performer based on the conceit that the spectator has no idea how he is achieving a genuine feat of mindreading.

Ted Leslie is one of the greats of the magic industry, and he will forever be missed. It’s a good thing some of his best output is immortalized in video, making it hard to ignore his genius.

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