Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Project 365 Smorgasbord (276-278)

.:276/365: Aldo Colombini’s Impromptu Card Magic:.

Card magic tends to lose its sheen after doing five straight “pick a card, any card” routines, so it’s always good to have more options when performing. Aldo Colombini’s instructional video is one of the best out there because he covers a wide variety of effects one could utilize with a regular deck of cards.

Colombini’s humour and unique approach to magic has taken him places, and it’s good to be learning from one of the best. Don’t let his quirks distract you from the fact that he is one of the most accomplished performers in the world. He has earned his right to be quirky like that.

.:277/365: Bill Goldman’s One For The Money:.

Bill Goldman performs one routine, and it’s a strong routine, at that. While I wouldn’t recommend to you to buy the actual DVD, I believe just watching his performance and his subtleties would already give you enough of an idea how effective this particular impromptu bit of mental magic happens to be.

Bill Goldman does come off a tad creepy in this particular performance, but overall, the nice touches he puts on “One For The Money” really makes for a great routine that one should be able to use in any given show. With very basic moves necessary to make this work, there’s next to no reason anyone couldn’t master the dexterity bit of this routine, and then just go nuts with every other aspect of it when they figure the rest out.

.:278/365: Cyril Takayama Does Spider-Man 3:.

Pretty awesome stuff. Hardly even counts as magic. Just watch and enjoy a true master at work. The whole “routine” required 5% technical skill in magic and 95% acting chops. Thank goodness his 95% was every bit as good as his 5%, or else that would’ve just seemed like a hammy, cheesy way to end the show.

I don’t even know if Cyril’s magic is combined in the form of a special, or if it’s a semi-regular series.

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