Saturday, October 30, 2010

Project 365 Smorgasbord (300-302)

.:300/365: Joker Lam’s Parasol Production:.

A personal favourite of mine, parasol productions are among the most elegant of routines in magic. Considering how parasols just keep coming out from thin air in rapid succession, this particular effect is certainly one of the most popular segments of a stage magician’s repertoire, especially in the case of a silent act.

.: 301/365: Rannie Raymundo’s Dislocator:.

The Boss is one of the best coin magicians you will ever witness. Here’s proof. ‘Nuff said.

.:302/365: Cyril’s Cigarette Magic:.

And just because it’s that worth it, let’s close this month off with Cyril performing his signature cigarette manipulation routine. Considering how well he does it, I’m just flat-out impressed by the man’s approach.

Next month, being November, and post-Halloween, we get into supernatural topics for magic. This ought to be fun.

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