Saturday, October 23, 2010

Project 365 Smorgasbord (293-295)

.:293/365: Aldo Colombini’s Oil And Water:.

Ah, yes. The Oil and Water routine is a classic magic effect that emphasizes how for some reason, the red cards and the black cards in a packet never seem to mix together, just like oil and water. Aldo Colombini brings his flair and panache to the effect, and it will never be the same again if you ever take a good look at how the man does it.

.:294/365: Daryl’s Ultimate Ambitious Card:.

The ambitious card has always been a classic effect of magic, but Daryl stepped up the ante by making the effect absolutely impossible and stupefying like only he could. Catch him do the ambitious routine countless times, each iteration more impressive than the last, then see his grand finale that just boggles the mind. It seems like every possible handicap has already been levied upon him, yet he still manages to pull this off with aplomb.

.:295/365: Michael Ammar’s Topit DVD:.

The Topit is one of the tools a magician uses that achieves seemingly impossible results just through sheer skill and old school know-how. Michael Ammar is arguably the best professional using one, and watching him perform his Topit effects is just such a treat, because the Topit effects normally cap off other magic routines while he’s at it, so you get to see him perform at length, then see one of the best vanishes in the realm of professional magic.

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