Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Project 365 Backlog (286-290)

.:286/365: Paul Daniel’s Chop Cup:.

If there’s one routine that never fails to amuse me for how good it is and how simple it is at the same time, it’s got to be the chop cup. Watching the great Paul Daniels perform it certainly enhances the experience, as there’s no question that he is one of the best people to watch in action.

The Chop Cup script is very simple: a ball appears and disappears under a singular cup, and it becomes seemingly more impossible than the regular cups and balls routine because there’s significantly less objects to keep track of, yet it just really makes the routine all the more impressive when you think about it that way.

While Cups And Balls is definitely more well-known than the Chop Cup, don’t count the latter out. Ever. Combination routines are awesome, too.

.:287/365: Chris Capehart’s Miser Dream:.

Worth watching considering that Chris Capehart is arguably one of the most popular children’s magicians in the industry, his version of Miser’s Dream is very effective and is hard to beat, barring using any sneakier sleights. When it comes to patter, presentation value, and his sheer ability to hold his audience in the palm of his hand, which isn’t easy to do with kids.

The Miser’s Dream is a coin-production routine that relies on both the conceit of the clinking sound effect made by coins on a small metal bucket and the apparently endless supply of coins he is producing from thin air.

.:288/365: Geoff Williams’s Heads Up:.

Quite a mind-boggler when you consider the apparent setup to the routine, but overall, watching it emphasizes exactly why I think very highly of Geoff Williams, who performs top-notch magic, and then does criminally underrated comedy while he’s at it. Overall, this guy is worth every single penny.

.:289/365: Brad Christian’s Crash Course In Card Magic:.

Brad Christian’s mode of instruction is clear, methodical, and leaves nothing to question. In all honesty, whether or not you like Brad, this fact is undeniable, and is the main reason why I would always point to him if anyone ever wanted to know how to get started in magic. Ellusionist isn’t perfect, but when they produce quality, boy, do they produce quality. Crash Course is one of those stellar pieces in their arsenal.

.:290/365: Lance Burton’s Dancing Handkerchief:.

Ever seen Lance Burton at work? Well, you know how smooth he is as a performer. The fact that he’s performing one of my favourite routines (that I never personally do) is just gravy.

The dancing handkerchief is a crowd-pleaser, because it just really is pure eye candy, watching the handkerchief go non-stop. Lance Burton adds his unique flair to it and makes it all the better for it.

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