Thursday, April 14, 2011

Disenchantlings, Unite! (Plus A Note On Tricia Gosingtian)

.:More DK Madness:.

I'm hitting a bit of an impasse with my writing thanks to all the crazy stuff that's been going on, what with people joking that I might get sued over the whole Willie Revillame sometime soon.

While I frankly doubt they'd bother picking on someone as insignificant as myself in the bigger scheme of things, I wouldn't really stress over it too much if a lawsuit did hit me. It's not that I'm fearless. It's just that I know my libel law well enough.

That being said, I've been there for the past two days with the DK, and the Red Mobile segment "Dial A Drama" has been consistently hilarious the past two days, for all the wrong reasons.

Last Tuesday, Marf was tasked to be a guy who wanted to be a ballerina, against his military dad's wishes. The following hour, I was tasked to be a rich heir who got the household help pregnant, all the while making as many silly references to the absurdity of it all possible.

Then last Wednesday, Marf and I had quickly interrupted turns at playing Chinese guys whose Chinese wife gave birth to a very black kid. The minute we started using stupid racial stereotypes and attempting to prove purity of the Chinese race via "papers," Logan just had to cut me right off lest we went ahead and drove all our Chinese listeners to froth at the mouth over us.

And, oh, this month's FHM cover girl, Ms. Regine Angeles, was also in the show last night!

Can't go wrong with that, yo!

Overall, with tonight's DK happening in Emerald Avenue where WAVE, JAM, and RX all are, I can expect quite an interesting show tonight, even if the last two ODK blind item segments have been crazy explosive and downright dangerous for Mr. Marfori's well-being.

.:A Show Of Support:.

I really should write a longer article, but for now, let me state this categorically...

You may disagree with Tricia Gosingtian's evaluation of the Philippine Fashion Industry, but at no point was it warranted for you to assume her intentions for her or strip her from context. She made a very specific statement, and it was an observation, not a lambasting of the Filipino race.

How many times have we done this already? Foreigners who diss the Philippines are racists. Filipinos who diss the Philippines are traitors. Really, Philippines? Nobody can point out the things they don't think are awesome about this country anymore? Seriously?

Besides, she already apologized! What more did you guys want? You're all acting like Boyet Fernandez now... kneel before us! It's not enough that you said sorry! Beg and grovel!

That's what it means to be a Patriotic Filipino now? Really?

Well, then if you're a Filipino who thinks like this, you're bringing more shame unto this nation than Tricia Gosingtian ever has, having represented our country the way she has when she became the only Asian in fashion week.

And unlike Bryanboy or that Garcia kid, she didn't need to have Generals stealing from the military's funds to get where she is. I'd take her over those two any day of the week, thank you very much.

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