Friday, October 07, 2011


.:Pretty Exciting Week, Really:.

Here, we get autobiographical again...

For the most part, this week has been pretty crazy, especially since I'm meeting up with old friends over the weekend, and hosting a wedding, as well as another cosplay event. It's been great, although honestly, things could be better.

Nonetheless, one of the highlights of my last week was when Carlos and I met up with a lovely couple for Australia who wanted to see some of the things Metro Manila could offer that you probably wouldn't get from a Lonely Planet guidebook.

We ended up taking them to Dampa in Home Depot that night, and needless to say, it was splendid. As always, the see food diet won out, and we had prawns, scallops, crabs, tuna, snapper, and then some. It was good to know that they enjoyed the sumptuous meal, because swapping stories with them really felt like a genuine cultural exchange all the same. As they would love to say, we totally smashed it that night.

Afterwards, I managed to take them to Tomato Kick, where they were treated to a mostly translated night of standup comedy courtesy of GB, James, Abe, Carlo, Jeps, Ryan, Richie, and yours truly. Practically everyone killed that night, by my estimate, so everyone had a pretty great time all around.

Had it not been for the fact that Steve Jobs passed away this week, this would've been as close to a perfect week as could be for me. Ah, well.

Here's to the rest of the weekend, then. :D

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