Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Project 52 (52/52): What's Up - 4 Non-Blondes

.:Project 52 (52/52): What's Up - 4 Non-Blondes:.

Would you believe? I thought a guy sang this.

And so we end Project 52 2011 with one of the songs I always love belting out during videoke, or even Rockeoke: What's Up, that song often mistaken as a He-Man original. It's very catchy, very challenging to cover, and really does have quite a message to people approaching or well within quarter-life crisis.

I really love this song, and it's a crying shame that 4 Non-Blondes ended up becoming a one-hit wonder, considering how much I really loved this song. That being said, I can definitely relate to it, even if the message is three years off-kilter to me, since I'm not twenty-five years old anymore. Heh.

And with this song, we cap off 2011's Project 52 as a huge success. It's been a great run, what with all the songs I picked, from guilty pleasures to all-time favorites, to symbolic gestures and everything in between. Every song truly does tell a story, and I'm still at a loss what I'll be doing in 2012, if I'd still be doing a Project 52.

In any case, I'm thinking I'd cover any of the following:

1. More music
2. More magic
3. Internet memes
4. WTFery on Youtube
5. Professional wrestling
6. Standup comedy

I think I'd skip out on doing radio or philosophy as topics for this. Heh.

Anyways, if you're reading this, do let me know in the comments or over Twitter (@mistervader) what you think I should be covering for 2012. For once, I'd really, really like some feedback.

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