Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Project 52 (39/52): On DIY (And Why CD-R King Will Someday Rule The World)

.:Project 52 (39/52): On DIY (And Why CD-R King Will Someday Rule The World):.

Let's get this out of the way right away, guys: I am not a DIY kind of guy. I'm rather inept when it comes to that stuff, and I really don't think it's something I'm particularly interested in doing on a regular basis.

That being said, when I bought a television for my place recently, I wanted to get a TV stand to go with it, and given my limited budget, I decided to go for a CD-R King TV Stand.

It went for a trifle 3,990 bucks. Most tables elsewhere start at 9,000.

So after unpacking the two boxes, I sat myself down and got to work. It was a veritable mess of instructions that I didn't really understand, if the very helpful dude at CD-R King didn't actually help me out. I know, I know. They're notorious for being very surly people, but on this particular day, they were extra nice!

Stage 1, done! A portent of things to come!

So I managed to assemble the base of the stand after a couple of tries. It was pretty easy once you figured out the internal logic of the parts: which needed washers, which needed to be screwed on, and all of that. It was pretty fun trying to figure out what goes where, and while going through it, I began to feel more and more confident as things started to... well, fall into place.

It was at that point that I managed to assemble the rack where the TV was going to end up on. Yeah, I know, this post is not as joke-filled as the usual stuff, but there has to be something funny about the fact that they didn't even stick a warranty sticker on my TV stand when I got it...

I know what you're thinking: just wait 'til it collapses, Kel!

Well, from there, I had to bring out the television already. It was a Sony Bravia, and it was pretty lightweight, so I had very little trouble mounting it.

The best part? It came with a metric effton of bubble wrap!

With very few pieces left, it didn't take much to know which went where anymore. This was actually the easiest part of setting up the TV stand, except for one little thing...

And no, I'm not referring to my room.

You see, the problem with the new Sony Bravia (The 32-inch LED one.) is that the geniuses at Sony decided that the HDMI and power slots of their brand new TV go very well right in the same columns as where the slots for wall rack mounting would go. That meant that mounting the TV would mean you outright blocked your HDMI outlet from access. Which I discovered the hard way, really, and it forced me to make some adjustments...

Yes, it's a Justin Bieber song. Don't judge me.

You'd notice that I moved the TV to the side just so I could plug the HDMI port in, but the first port, the one that you can use to connect to your phone? That's actually completely inaccessible because of where they decided to place it. Still, I managed to come out on top with this one, and considering that none of these inconveniences were even remotely CD-R King's fault, I have to admit, this was quite an experience.

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