Friday, November 29, 2013

2 Hot 4 8List: 8 Alternate Interpetations For The "Binay Stopped At Restricted Area" Picture

.:2 Hot 4 8List: 8 Alternate Interpretations For The "Binay Stopped At Restricted Area" Picture:.

(2Hot 4 8List are lists that for various, often obvious reasons, need to be published on a personal capacity, rather than as something that de facto represents the website I love to write for. I hope you enjoy it, because whether or not they ended up on the site, I still worked pretty hard on them, minus the epic graphic design you've come to know and love from the 8List.)

Recently, a new picture came out featuring our Vice President, Jejomar Binay, allegedly being stopped by US Soldiers from entering the restricted area for UN Humanitarian Relief. The Vice President, who was campaigning for 2016 spearheading relief efforts by putting his name on all the relief goods, was trying to get in.

Five different numbers texted me this picture, praising our Vice President in the process.

Of course, a conflicting report indicates that this photo was actually that of a handshake between the Vice President and one of the US military overseeing relief efforts, so there’s that, too.

Taking one more look at the photo, you can’t help but think that it might be open to a myriad interpretations, though. Since I am an impulsive creature made of pure, weapons-grade Id, that’s exactly what I did…

Because to white people, they all look alike.

He's wearing a black shirt, genius.

Someone needed to take over after Willie Revillame retired from TV...

Family reunions really bring tears to our eyes.

Worst. Wrestlemania. Ever.

No wonder that bootlegged DVD of "Rocky IV" was so cheap!

No wonder that bootlegged DVD of "A Few Good Men" was so cheap!

Do not. F*ck. With. Binay.

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