Monday, May 26, 2014

Project 52 2014 (22/52): Sampip

.:Project 52 2014 (22/52): Sampip:.

Some people love shoes of certain kinds...

Different strokes for different folks. It's always been like that, hasn't it? It's good to know that no matter how things may change, some things in life are still reliable. Conflict may not be the most pleasant thing ever, but it certainly holds its appeal if only for being so predictable.

It's why I'm confused sometimes. I'm confused because it seems that conflict has only ever been considered negatively, when, in reality, it reminds us that choices are certainly free and open for each and every one of us.

Some people love afternoons or the way the moon shines...

It's always been nice to think about life when the rush of the day has finally passed, and you get to consider life, and the humdrum of it all becomes a welcome respite rather than a threat. But then, as you contemplate things, what's left to do afterwards? So much more, and it all just flies in the face of what we think we know.

And they have their reasons to feel the way they do...

It's easy to understand. It's easy to realize why people will never see eye to eye for all of eternity. It's easy to investigate the reasons behind them, if you really wanted to. It doesn't make conflict any less arduous or tedious than it always ends up being.

That's why I asked myself what it is with you...

So what is it with us, then? Why is it that you and I never seem to find ourselves at the same point in our lives? Is it a question of one or both of us adjusting more, or is it simply a case of things not being meant to be from the get go?

I ask myself because I'd like to think I've been practically exhaustive in doing everything in my power to make this work out. But I don't know anymore. It's like running your head against a wall, again and again. You know it changes nothing, but sometimes, the pain reminds you you're at least doing something about it.

Is there something wrong with the way I speak?

Saan tayo nagkulang? Saan ako nagkulang? Or am I just really asking the wrong questions here? Sometimes, the worst thing you could ever do to me is when you show me kindness, because I realize almost immediately after that you are just a good person, and not a person who treats me as someone special. You treat me kindly because it is your nature: not because I mean the world to you.

I wish you weren't that benevolent sometimes.

Do you even see me when I pass you on the street?

It's easy for you because it's gotten to a point where none of this means a thing to you now. Unfortunately, I can't quite find myself on the same level.

So I guess this will keep going on, and this won't change anytime soon, and that's why I guess after everything has been said and done...

I close my eyes and let it be, because I just can't see, why you love to hate me...

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