Monday, January 20, 2003

Marcelle finally treated his family to Aling Banang's. It's been quite a while since he promised to, and it's all good times. They sure enjoyed the food. And who wouldn't, right? Marcelle's been raving about this place for the longest time, and with good reason!

The next day, it was Two Towers AGAIN. Mind you, Marcelle didn't have much of a problem with that, though. The Two Towers was a pretty good film, and by far, the film Marcelle has been most eagerly waiting for the entire year. Screw Daredevil (With the BLACK Kingpin) and X2, or perhaps even Matrix: Reloaded. LOTR: The Two Towers is THE WAY TO MAKE A GOOD FILM. It's not like Marcelle's a Tolkien fan, or anything. It's simply because the movie was that damn good, plain and simple.

Came from Grace's house this morning... It's a good feeling one gets when he tries to help out friends. Marcelle hopes that his review for Grace would aid her in getting a good grade from Comparative Anatomy. As Marcelle was poring over the NINE bloody chapters she had to go through, he ended up being a lot more grateful that he took Communication Arts and NOT Biology, or something to that effect.

Today saw not much in the way of classes. Mr. Bulaong gave the Philo class a free cut, and released the results of the oral exams. Well, whaddya know? Looks like Marcelle managed to hack an "A" with his oral exam effort. Of course, telegraphing that Mr. Bulaong would ask him about the despair of defiance really helped a lot, and needless to say, Marcelle loves Philosophy so much, anyway that he reviewed for any question that may come up, anyway. Of course, it remains to be seen if he would still have aced the exams had Mr. Bulaong decided to not ask him about defiance...

Marcelle's still looking for a good game to buy on the GBA. The choices are (Since he can afford only one...): Fire Pro Wrestling, Tekken Advance, Yugi-Oh: The Eternal Duelist's Soul, or Ogre Tactics (Which he still can't find anywhere, unfortunately.)... ah, well.

Lately, it's come to Marcelle's attention that he's been fairly stoic lately, excluding when he's around Grace (OOC: Happy 3 years and 3 months to us, Grace! Love you!), and hopefully, other people haven't taken offense to this. A lot has been on his mind lately, and he still has yet to hear from a few parties that genuinely call for his attention...

Ah, well. That's the Bottom Line, 'cause Marcelle said so! :cheesy:

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