Friday, January 31, 2003

No, Marcelle's problems aren't done with yet, as a certain new one has ended up rearing its ugly head. So, with that, pardon the lack of humor for this week's Top Five...

The Top Five Reasons Marcelle Has Hardly Posted This Week:

5. Yugi-Oh rules! It's one amazing game, and it's been keeping Marcelle quite busy.
4. Studies.
3. Despite a lot of nice things happening this week, Marcelle just seems to have writer's block, especially when SHE has started resorting to completely ignoring him. And why?
2. Some snide remarks over this week in a certain place have been doing their job of deflating Marcelle's spirits. And it's not like he deserves the treatment, either.
1. Marcelle has a certain problem that cannot be solved easily... it can be solved by one and only one person. Until then, his life is on hold...

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