Sunday, June 11, 2006

Here We Go....


So it was Kam's post-birthday celebration yesterday, and it was nothing short of fun. I've run into people like Hope , Noey , and it was a good time to reconnect with these people, considering it's been practically a year or so since I've met them.

I've made some new acquaintances, all the same, including Philip, Sam, Seaun, Nate, and a few others. That being said, it was really a hodgepodge of people, and it was definitely great to be hearing a wild variety of points of view all come together in one place.

While I doubt my schedule would ever permit me to hang out with them more often, it'd be pretty great to stay in touch with them every now and then. I especially liked the point where Hope and I were talking about comic books and Star Wars and other undeniably insane kinds of fanwank. When fanboys attack, you can be sure that they'd really gloss over a lot of simple things we know as “facts”, particularly that glaring example where some Star Wars fanboys think Darth Vader and Darth Sidious can beat Goku and Gohan. Yeesh.

In any case, we just stuck around and whiled the time away after eating at Chef D'Angelo's, then went to Starbucks a bit afterwards.

It was great hanging out with these people. Given my schedule, that was once in a blue moon, but it was sure as hell worth every minute.

.:I Won't Jinx It...:.

I'll just say that a new opening came along, and I hope I get it.

As to the nature of the actual work, well, I'll just not talk about that here right now, so that I don't jinx it by putting the cart before the horse.

I just hope I can get this job. I really, really do...

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