Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Weekend...

.:Today's LSS:.

I can't find the lyrics, but it's that song for Closeup by Rocksteddy, "Smile At Me"...

It's been so stuck in my head for days.

.:Ice Cravings:.

At long last, I managed to go to Ice Cravings with my family. That place was awesome, from the French Fries to the wonderful Mango Tango Ice Cravings. I must say, my mom struck a veritable goldmine with this venture of hers... and she isn't even cashing in on her semi-celebrity status yet.

So we were there, and just cooling down for the most part, before Clair finally arrived, and we bought barbecue to take to Kathy's Carnivore Night party, which was going to be in their new Alabang residence instead of Bautista.

That being said, it was awesome bonding with Clair last Monday. We rarely have the chance to bond lately, so it was all good.

.:On The Way:.

Before heading to Alabang, Clair met up with JM first, and ate his buritto.

On a cab ride to the place, the cabbie was being a prick as he tried to finagle DOUBLE the fare we were supposed to pay him instead of opening the taxi meter. Clair was incredibly annoyed.

.:The New Chua Residence:.

So sue me, but I found it a bit disorienting to not be in Bautista for Carnivore Night. Despite that, it was cute seeing the new Labrador Puppy, Ginger. That yellow dog was cute, but I'm sure it's no wonder that the B!tch jokes are bound to follow soon enough, since there's finally a female dog in the family...

Nonetheless, the guest list consisted of me, Clair, Krisette, Hrbs, some of Kathy's relatives, and a new guy named Marco. Comparisons to Mario and Marco were being made, though, after the fact, which I found amusing.

In any case, the food was great. Chicken adobo, pinakbet, and of course, barbecue from me and Clair. It was extremely funny that we kept on telling Hrbs "Puwede ka na mag-asawa" when we found out he was the one who did the pinakbet...

It was a fairly great night, rife with Brokeback one-liners, particularly when they convinced me to sleep over and skip work for Tuesday... heh.

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