Friday, June 23, 2006


.:Surprise, Surprise...:.

Later tonight, something big is going on.

I won't spoil it, but here's a hint.

I should be the male stripper for the occasion! I demand satisfaction!

.:The Worst Leeches Of Society:.

A work done by a user named Tommy at Comic Book Resources. Credit for this golden piece belongs to him.

"I hear all this talk about illegal immigrants crossing our southern boarder. I hear about them taking our jobs and eating our food and using up our resources. But no one ever mentions that there are worse people coming into our country than poor people from Latin America. I am talking about babies."

"That is right. Babies are the worst of the worst. They contribute nothing to society. It is just “take take take” with them. When was the last time you saw a baby working? I highly doubt you ever have. Is it too much to ask that these creatures make some attempt at providing a living for themselves? I guess so since they would rather deprive AMERICANS of their resources. Here is frightening statistic, almost one hundred percent of single parents on welfare have or had a baby. Yes that is right, babies are one of the leading causes of poverty in America. Do you really want your tax dollars supporting some BABY who sits around all day doing nothing? I certainly don’t. If they want money they should go out and earn it themselves like all hard working Americans do."

"Not to mention babies get preferential treatment by society. If you go into any Walmart you will find an entire SECTION of the store devoted to these babies. I don’t see an African American section, so why should babies get one? Americans are supposed to be treated equal under the law; well I guess babies are more equal than the rest of us."

"And Babies need to toughen up. The world does not need to coddle them. The most minimal of discomforts causes a baby to open his or her mouth and whine until someone helps them. Well I say no to that! If the baby wants help then they should ask politely. Not to mention they should take care of themselves. This whole crying thing is clearly is just a baby’s means of getting a hand out."

"What is most frightening of all is that after eighteen to twenty-five years of sucking up our resources and money, babies will eventually take our jobs. Yes, that is right. After spending years slaving away to support them, they will turn around and take the means we supported them with! It is positively horrifying."

"Now, I am not sure where these babies come from, but I say we send them all back with a “Your'e not wanted” sign. We don’t need a bunch of do nothing parasites draining America of its resources. And we certainly do not need to wake up one day and find out some baby took our job."

"So join me in saying “no!” to babies."

.:An Appeal For The Dead:.

Check it out. It defies description.

.:Only In Japan:.

When Japanese people make gag shows, boy, they take it to the extreme!!!

Here's another crazy video, this time in a library. Note how they try their best to keep the noise level down with much futility...

That, and the infamous "I Was Rubbed By Two Men" video.

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