Thursday, June 01, 2006


Interested in playing text-based games? Here's a list of games I currently play or have played in the past (That still exists and is worth noting.)... if anything grabs your interest, feel free to click.

.:Vampyr Vs. Lychens:.

Are you a vampire or a werewolf? This game is pretty cool so far, although it doesn't have as many deep options as the other games I've been playing.

Still, who doesn't want to relive Underworld and become a vampire or a werewolf?

Check out the link if that's your cup of tea... if not, check out the link, regardless. :P


I used to have a longstanding account with Neopets, and it's a very cool game, but the fact that there is little to do once you're done with most of the games in the world and get bored with the stuff to do would simply mean that the lack of world resets makes for b-o-r-i-n-g. I play this game on and off, but the more dedicated players would want to play it daily, as playing daily gives lots of benefits, and of course, Neopoints.

.:Kung-Fu Madness:.>Kung-Fu Madness is a very fun game, assuming you ever get opponents to play against. Because of the whole concept of dojo dominance, the lack of opponents has proven to make the game very stale for me so far. Still, I have until around tomorrow to give this game a shot. Let's see if it's worth it, and if any opponents ever bother challenging me to give me experience, win or lose.

Still, the different martial arts, the auras of animals, and other chop-socky touches to the game definitely pique my interest about it...

I've played a couple of matches already, and it's GREAT. Do use my name, Mistervader, in case you join up. Being a referrer would definitely do me lots of favors. :P


Now, we have the medieval games, and one of the longest-running ones I played was Utopia. I haven't gotten around to creaitng a new account yet, as the game's server reset is due sometime this month, so I wouldn't even get a feel for the game, and yet it's reset time already.

Still, this game is great because every single iteration of the game brings forth new improvements to the system in terms of balance and power levels. Check it out if you're a fan of the genre.

.:The Reincarnation:.

The Reincarnation is a fan-made attempt to recreate the now-defunct but legendary Archmage, and I must say, it's a pretty good effort.

I don't think I have to explain anything further beyond that, especially if you already know what Archmage was all about. However, I feel that there exists a superior spinoff from Archmage compared to The Reincarnation...

.:The Five Pillars:.

... and this is the game I'm talking about.

The Five Pillars is a game that plays a lot like Archmage, only better.

Much, much, better, in fact, mainly with the user-friendly interface and a wizard that gives you hints when you're having negative incomes in certain areas of the game. All things being considered, it's a very good and refreshing take on the game, and again, don't forget me in the referral box. I only use one of two names: Mistervader, or Meriadok.

.:Adventure Quest:.

Adventure Quest is a flash-based medieval game that has a lot of limitations, but is more viscerally appealing than pure text-based games. I can't say much about it though as I haven't touched my account there in ages...


Travian looks interesting, but I haven't played it enough yet to find out.


Well, I can safely say that Outwar is cool, but requires a lot of upkeep to play. I'm not sure if I'll persist with it, although clicking on that link I just gave you should give you a good hint...


If you ever enjoyed wrestling sims, then Wrassle.Net is the game for you. Here, you can roleplay as an original wrestler, wrestle other users, and rise through the ranks in your own specific federation. I've been World Champion twice in the two times I took part in this game, although that's only within the federation, of course. Given the range of eight feds and up, that wasn't saying much, but at the end of each month, a huge showdown among all feds happens, and I made it as far as the final four, so that's my achievement in that department.

Well, those are all the games I can recommend to you for now. Hope you enjoyed this little post. :)

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