Friday, June 02, 2006

WTFery Again!!!

.:New Icon!:.

Icon lurve! Isn't it cute?

.:Tell Me They Didn't Just Say That!:.

Neo-Nazis, rejoice! A new shirt for you!

Somebody better shoot the DC marketing people.

.:Oh. My. God. Literally.:.

Now I know why Gio Navarro likes Rob Liefeld.

If Peppy talks about Jesus the Vampire Slayer, Rob Liefeld is the one who made this masterpiece known as Godyssey:

Wow. Just wow. Before that page, you'd see Christ dead at the cross, and then the entire Greek Pantheon coming down to diss Him. Christ then takes no more and pimp slaps every single Greek god who tried to get in His way for this ultimate showdown with Zeus.

Makes you wonder why these weren't the Roman gods, but whaddaheck...

So yeah... we have Jesus Christ having a showdown with the Greek Pantheon, and He definitely gave them quite a beating. The jarring switch between old and modern English in Odin's dialogue is too glaring to be overlooked, though.

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