Friday, July 28, 2006

The Rumor Mill And Then Some...

.:Today's LSS?:.

Along with today's untintentional pr0n, due to my slow computer, I have to pass up on both. No worries... heh.

.:And He Confesses To Being Gay...:.

Lance Bass, former member of N Sync, has finally come out of the closet.

I have nothing against homosexuals at all, but why do they insist on being part of "boy bands"? Well, there's one of the Moffats, there's Stephen Gately, there's the Westlife guy... there's Village People, if you want to reach far back.

Oh, well. That's show business for you. It seems he's happy where he is, regardless, so that should suffice.

.:To Be The Man!:.

So Elbert and Elsie went to Fully Booked to check out any books or comics they might wanna buy.

Next thing I knew, they bought nothing, and I was the one who bought a book.

It's Ric Flair's biography, "To Be The Man". Really heard a lot of good things about this book, so I look forward to finding time to read it.

.:Creative Juices Are Beginning To Drip...:.

They're not yet flowing, but the creative writing you've known and loved (or hated) is poised to make a comeback soon.

I just really need to clear out the backlog of ideas I have, more than anything else, seriously. Still, despite that, my writing's at least still on target for the most part...


I knew about this already, but the picture is from Monix...

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My, my, my. I wouldn't mind being spanked by this girl...

Well, I'm sure people already have an inkling that her career hasn't been doing well lately, and this mainly stemmed from the first time she left for Korea. Now, what might shock you are the circumstances behind her departure, circumstances which I would be all too happy to tell you about if you asked me offline.

Awesome. I'll be sure to get this. And watch her in her first bold movie or something. Haha.


So here I am, still in the office, despite it being 1:25 in the afternoon. It's fine, really. I've been asked to do boardwork for Pam from 12 to 3 in the afternoon, and I've also been asked to make sure that everything they need for the KBP Golden Dove Award nominations are accomplished by the time Monday rolls along. It makes you wonder why they didn't even bother doing this when the time was still good, like, oh, maybe a month or two ago.

Anyways, so I've been up for so long already... I boarded from two to six in the morning, then I was at work until noon, then I have to board three hours, then I have to make sure the forms needed for the KBP stuff are in order by tomorrow at least..

Gakk. Talk about being overloaded. Still, it's all good...

.:Someone I'm Getting To Know Only Now...:.

I haven't really talked much about her yet, but I think now's a safe time to do just that...

A couple of weeks ago, during the Sci-Fi Convention, I ran into this very interesting girl in the Harry Potter booth. While I didn't have the nerve to approach her to introduce myself, and the so-called PHP pimp was too busy to make introductions, I pulled a few strings and found a way to get in touch with her via Multiply.

So anyways, I'm talking about Macy. =P

It's amusing, really, how there are those rare people you just meet and you just completely jive with them off the bat. Not since Clair have I met someone like that, and well, now, Macy, who's a fan of anime, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and pro wrestling. We have absolutely nothing in common! ::laughs::

But seriously, I know we hardly know each other yet, and we have yet to officially meet in person, but it's a great change of pace to find a new friend who you are on the same wavelength with. It's a rarity, and it's something I can't help but be happy about.

I hope that in the event she's reading this, she wouldn't feel too taken aback. This is really my uncanny way of showing my appreciation for someone, writing a very glowing testimonial about them on my blog. =)

Thanks for the wonderful conversations thus far, Macy! Hope to see you soon!


Dominique said...

That's okay, Marcelle, just so she doesn't get creeped out, you can show your appreciation for me, too.

Uh...hmmm...then again, maybe that's not such a good idea.

Sandara leather...oooooooooooh....

Clair said...

You guys!!!! >_<

I am glad you're enjoying her company :)

Marcelle said...


I already did that for you, remember?

The Top 10 People I'm Most Grateful To This Year List, right? :)