Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Weekend Recap

.:Today's Unintentional Pr0n:.

Monday: The police who arrest the king for bestiality.

.:Yet Another Absence:.

Y'know, I already got a memo for my really bad attendance the past few months, but I just really needed to take a leave of absence because my insomnia got so bad that I knew I was either going to oversleep again or just get hit with the flu. So to preempt my condition from getting worse, I took a leave.

It's funny how everything just goes down the drain, doesn't it? It just makes it all the better when you get told that there just might be someone else in the picture now.

Wonderful. Just absofreakinglutely wonderful.

.:Saturday: Girl's Night Out:.

So I went with Elbert, Johan, and a new acquaintance, Gie (The only actual girl in this girl's night out.), where we all went to Greenbelt, under the premise of “looking for girls”.

It's a bit amusing that Elbert felt so generous and actually said that in the (unlikely) event that any of us find someone to “take home”, we could borrow the keys to his place to get it on there.

Needless to say, the moment we got there, I successfully deflected any attention in my direction by designating myself as the bag holder. Note that this was a packed house in Absinth, so I was standing around, carrying two bags, one of them a girl's bag. That being said, I was definitely not going to get any attention that way.

The most amusing thing of the night was that instead of Johan getting the numbers when he's supposed to be the one girl-hunting, it was Elbert who got three numbers. One came from a girl he chatted up while we were having dinner. Two came from the friend of a girl who was eying Johan while he was dancing. Johan was just a wee bit too dense to capitalize on stuff like that, unfortunately. Heh.

So afterwards, we just went to Red Box to go and have some videoke. Now, that was where I really took out all my frustrations, bombarding them with Gary Valenciano songs for the most part, as well as my other standards like “Modelong Charing”, “Endless Love”, and “Never Get Over You Getting Over Me”. It was a fairly good night, although I can't believe I shelled out five hundred bucks to just watch Elbert go macking on chicks. Heh.

.:Sunday: The Great Con:.

I woke up fairly early despite the late Saturday night, and hitched a ride with the Head Geekette to the New Worlds Alliance Convention in Rockwell. It wasn't particularly awe-inspiring, albeit I was mostly hanging around the Harry Potter booth, where I saw quite a few people, and as usual, I shut myself out from getting to know any of them.

One of them even looked like ::sighs:: Gyn... significantly taller, but the resemblance was definitely there... sigh...

Anyways, the convention had quite a few surprises, and it was just really great seeing Jac, Jonas, and a few of the other guys after a long time. It was a bit of a surprise, for that matter, to find out that Rocco and Nicco are brothers. I've known both for years, but separately. Holy cow.

Ranulf, who was king of the cosplaying ball even had a fight scene with Jac, although Ranulf's acting was... err... wooden. Next time, they should do a wrestling fight scene. I would so kill to get in on that. Nobody takes a Stonecold Stunner like me. Heh. I can sell any move and make it look like a million bucks.

Elbert was there, but he left too early. A little less than an hour later, Camy showed up, and well, we talked a bit, but it looks like she's coping well. She still brought up recent events, though, and that kinda shed light on me that there is still something to cope with. I really hope that the unnecessary tension between those two would ease down in the near future, but knowing what I know right now about things like that in general, that may just simply be asking for too much.

So yeah. There were some really cute girls in the Harry Potter booth, but well, I just didn't bother trying to get to know them. I dunno. I guess there's just a lot of things really holding me back.

Wait. Just one, actually... ::sighs::

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