Thursday, July 27, 2006


.:Pirates Of The Carribean: The Dead Man's Chest:.

Yes, it's an extended advertisement for the third movie.

No, it's not a bad movie.

In fact, I quite enjoyed it, and Johnny Depp was nothing short of awesome.

I saw it with Elbert and Elsie yesterday, and I have to say it was pretty fun to watch, from the comedy to the action. I didn't even realize the movie ran pretty long. That didn't keep me from enjoying the film at all.

I just feel too drained to do film reviews nowadays, but I'd have to say the movie's fun factor merited an A+, while critically, I'd have given it a B+. The movie was a barrel and a half of fun, although it certainly ended on such a cliffhanging note. If it were a TV show, that's fine. If the next movie would come out in two months (Ala Reloaded and Revolutions.), it's still fine. But next year? Nuh-uh.

.:Unexpected Bonding With One Parental Unit:.

So my mom invited me to dinner last night at Pho Hoa. The food was pretty good, though I was a bit surprised by it. I never did eat Vietnamese food prior to this, after all.

It was funny, though, because we were looking for Connie's Kitchen and couldn't, so after a few minutes, we gave up, and we just went to go to Cyberzone so I can canvas for a 2GB memory stick...

And we found Connie's Kitchen outside Cyberzone.

Talk about a coincidence.

In any case, I'm glad I found the time to talk to my mom. She's a bit worried about my brother, but I suppose it's understandable why she is...

Eww. Cousintahans. Eww.

.:Mabuti Pa Ang PSP...:.

Mabuti pa ang PSP...

Ang girlfriend, naagaw na sa iyo, nang-iiwan pa.
Ang PSP, at least, naagaw lang (Kung tatanga-tanga ka.)

Ang girlfriend, madalas, wala sa mood.
Ang PSP, laging game.

Ang girlfriend, pag nagtampo, hindi mo makausap.
Ang PSP, hindi nagtatampo.

Ang girlfriend, puwede mabuntis.
Ang PSP, hindi. Pero puwede mo naman lagyan ng mga video.

Ang girlfriend, puwede magsawa sa iyo.
Ang PSP, ikaw lang ang puwede magsawa sa kanya.

Ang girlfriend, magagalit pag tumingin ka sa ibang babae.
Ang PSP, walang problema kung tumingin ka sa ibang PSP.

Ang girlfriend, paglalaruan ka.
Ang PSP, paglalaruan mo.

Ang girlfriend, mahirap dalhin sa motel.
Ang PSP, puwede mo dalhin kahit saan.

Kaya kung ako sa iyo, bumili ka na ng PSP. 27,500 lang, may kasama pang orig na games! Sa'n ka pa?


Jonas Diego said...

Ha ha ha! One of the most creative pitches I've read so far. :D

estelle said...

i'm just reading your archives bess, and i couldn't help but comment on your cute psp poem-like thing. haha. oo nga naman. :P