Monday, January 05, 2009


.:Videoke Mayhem:.

This is crazy, but I'm starting to get addicted to online videoke, where I get to record myself singing my lungs out, then sharing the agony to my friends online.

It's pretty cool, although the annoying thing is that each of them have their own weaknesses that really grate on me, considering I'm using about three different sites to try my stuff out...

Karaoke Play has a nice library because lots of new songs end up with them, but they use YouTube videos and the music gets in the way of your singing, because they're rarely minus one. Furthermore, a lot of the videos don't show up on your browser, since certain videos would be "not available in your country" if you played it on YouTube. Oh, and you have to turn up your speakers so that the music gets picked up by the mics. Otherwise, tough.

Red Karaoke is awesome except their songs sometimes don't record in sync with your vocals. You have no idea how frustrating that is for me, having sung two recordings of "Push", and neither of them are in sync.

Sing Snap, lastly, has a library of songs you have to pay to access. So for the fans of High School Musical, you have to pay to get their songs. And their player, while advanced and all, produces very choppy recordings, although they at least allow you to sync your vocals with your music...

I just absolutely wish they'd finally get "Mad" by Ne-Yo in one of these sites... or I'd learn enough Soundforge to record my own version. Grrr....

In any case, this videoke bug was brought about by last Saturday's rendezvous with Elbert and Jonas, after El's meet and greet in Comic Odyssey in Galleria. Shortly after this, I hung out a bit with The Story Circle then proceeded to Greenhills for some pure, anadulterated videoke goodness.

After having recorded some audio disasters, I also found the Sims Onstage, which is a pretty nice play for recording, and I'm hoping that I can do better there as they seem to have the best resources for me to put to use and all.

I'd regale you with some of my recorded songs, but I don't think the world is ready for them yet.

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