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My 15 Favorite Posts From My Blog In 2008...

.:My Top Fifteen Favorite Entries For 2008:.

I couldn't pick only ten, so I went with fifteen. Here's something I decided to add at the last moment, here are fifteen of the best posts I've written for the past year. I selected them based on my personal preferences, and I hope you'd like them. =)

15. Nakapagtataka – Lyrically Speaking Scribbles, Part IV: It was a well-chosen song, I guess. That's why I like it. It's also my only purely Filipino post in the top 15.

14. Love On The Locks: Imagine spending your day handcuffed to a friend. What hijinks will ensue? Read on to find out. Heh.

13. Company Of The Year? Who Cares! Still The Douchebags Of The Century: My post on the infamous Family First/Danvil Plans company bugging shoppers in Megamall as they use very ruthless means to strongarm people into buying insurance from them. Caveat emptor!

12. I Don't Hate For The Sake Of Hatin': My requisite post in response to someone who disagreed with me on my thoughts about Manny Pacquiao way back in 2007. It's funny how people go I'm being “unnationalistic” just because I don't worship Manny Pacquiao. Yuch.

11. A Reason, A Season, In My Life(time): A post I wrote in response to a reflection read to us during a faculty meeting. I do like waxing philosophical at times.

10. When Idiots Attack: Watch how not only do I get to own a dim-witted troll online, he proceeds to own himself, too! I rarely do these posts, but when I do, boy, do I have fun!

9. There's Something About Bachelor Parties: A funny story I just had to recount. Not included in this story, though, was the immediate vomit sound effect made by Mr. Carry On after his drunken speech. It's a laugh and a half. I urge you to read it. =)

8. The Unicorn: My thoughts on what it means to be pursuing something you know you can never have, and why people insist on doing it, still.

7. The PBA Megapost: My exhaustive coverage of the PBA from my side of the fence. Of course, the succeeding PBA Megarant, et al were likewise as exhaustive, but let's not foment any more trouble, eh?

6. The Problem With The Problem With Blogging: My scathing reply to one Malou Fernandez who insisted on stirring the pot for controversy yet again...

5. The Teacher's Journey Series (Part 2) (Part 3): This was my recap of my teaching career thus far, and hopefully marks merely three of the many more chapters to come in my teaching career. I also wrote letters to my students shortly before this series, which can be seen in the same month I wrote these posts, I believe.

4. Confessions And Professions - The Unsent Series, Volume 2, Part V: A heartfelt shout-out to the various ladies in my life at one time or another, in one glorious, anachronistic mess.

3. The Laughs And Gasps Megapost: This is a detailed post of exactly what transpired on the road to the show, Laughs And Gasps. A sequel is reportedly in the works, and we'll let you know as developments happen.

2. In Memoriam - The Campus 99.5 Megapost: One of the most heart-breaking posts I ever had to write. Here, I detailed the rise and fall of Campus 99.5, a story that still shakes me to the core to this very day.

1. The Rick Astley Megapost: This was one of the most detailed and meticulous posts I've ever read, and a lot of people definitely enjoyed my take on what, to me, was *the* event of 2008. From my meeting him in person and having a picture with him, to Roderick Paulate, all bases were covered. =)

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