Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reunited And It Feels So Good...

.:The Campus Aircheck Batch 5 Reunion Preview...:.

It was quite a night, really. We had Cathy, Cherry, Gracey, TJ, Matt, Jiff, Janna, Deedah, Tabel, and Vice, and yours truly, and it was definitely an awesome time had by all of us. We even had Mr. Koji Morales, aka Joe Spinner, as a late attendee to the party... technically.

But guess what, dear aircheckers? Given the success of the first attempt at a reunion, it would appear that this is going to be happening again pretty soon...

So here's hoping to more opportunities to spend time with my batchmates, and more power to all of us. We may have been a short-lived batch, but Campus Aircheck Batch 5 lives on through us, as we maintain a bond that not even a station reformat could ever hope to break. =)

To the people who didn't get to go, just know that you were missed, and you missed a lot. The things we talked about, from gossip to whatnot, was definitely nothing short of awesome fun for all involved.

Thanks to Janna for being the gracious host for that night, and we'll all be seeing each other again, soon, for sure. =)

.:Bored To Tears Today...:.

I'm still on the fence whether or not I should go to TSC tonight, truth be told... oh, well.

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