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Philosophy 118: 09 January, 2009

These notes were taken from my class with Dr. Reyes for Philosophy 118 last 09 January

.:More On The Classless Society:.

Proletariats, having been purified of their false consciousness, we witness a group of people who are free of this false consciousness, thus possessing a true vision, the power to truly produce, as the workers. For the first time, we realize praxis. Thus, the proletariat alone can wage the revolution of revolutions, where in place of a reversal of roles, we instead see a true liberation from the social problems of capitalism.

Before this final stage, it is necessary for the state, as an intermediate step, to take control of the common means of production, such as factories and agricultural land. Only after that do we come to a classless society, where there will be no more need for the state, as it withers away because it loses its function. Soon, the country would be run by economic managers.

Science and technology will solve the problems of scarcity, and will assure humane work, allowing machines to do such dangerous work as coal mining, and the like.

Belgium appears to be a country that approaches a classless society.

Marx longs for a society where man recognizes man. There is no poor, no rich, no master, no slave.

.:The Weakness Of Marxist Thinking:.

Marx does not recognize individual problems. Marx emphasizes the absoluteness of the social, and the meaning of one's life and one's death, and individual suffering is thrown under the bus. For Marx, none of these things are important.

.:Marx And Atheism:.

In Marx, his critique of religion is not merely a critique against the abuses of religion, but on the absurdity of religion itself. Religion makes sense only when not all the world's problems are solved. Once they are solved, the function of religion becomes obsolete. Liberation theologians have attempted to reconcile Marxism with Christianity, but despite their similarities, they are rather in staunch opposition with each other.

.:What If?:.

… could it be possible that what Marx is espousing merely another false consciousness?

… is not proposing a theory for Marxism in violation of praxis?

Marx's response is that his vision is valid because he *is* a member of the proletariat. As such, his praxis and his philosophy are grounded not entirely on theory. He is consistent with himself and with what he espouses. He believes that what he has to say is as evolutionary as what the concept of praxis ought to be.

.:Quotable Quotes:.

“My God, I come from a country where there is still hunger, and here I am driving in a highway paved with eggs as an act of protest.”

- Dr. Reyes

“I woke up one day and half my face was paralyzed. You might know this as Bell's Palsy.”

- Dr. Reyes

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