Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Highs

.:Reconnection And Reignition:.

Recently got back in touch with Chanty, an old friend of mine, and she was actually with me last Friday when I opened for Mr. Mike Unson last Friday in Capone's, along with JB Dela Cruz and Trapeze. It was a pretty awesome night as I was hitting my stride with standup comedy, finding that now that after finally having gotten the hang of properly sequencing my jokes, I can experiment with the delivery to see which lines get better or worse reactions.

It's like you photoshopped three separate shoots together.

I must say that a kind of confidence was instilled in me ever since Mike took me under his wing. It was good to know that someone wouldn't hesitate to let me have it if he felt I wasn't performing well enough, or give me props if he felt I was. It's been awesome, and when I did a second straight set last Saturday in Conspiracy, I managed to throw out new material without having that usual moment where I falter because I wasn't sure where I was going with it.

One of the things I learned from Mike was when you're onstage, you need to own it. Sure, you are a nice guy in real life, but if you're going to do blue material, then own it. Sure, you're not homophobic in real life, but if that's your material, then own it. If you can't, then obviously, don't do the material. Write something you can and will own onstage, no matter how absurd or ludicrous or offensive. After that, work your way up to better and better material, better and better delivery, and never rest on your laurels. Keep on keeping on.

Which, apparently, also applies to my Geekfighting.

After a mild miscommunication between me and Chanty, she ended up joining me in last night's Geekfight in Last Home, which is an awesome Geekfighting venue with rather terrible service (Three hours to serve fried chicken? Really?!?). There were, all in all, six teams that night, and we were just pleased as punch that the whole thing was running as smoothly as can be, and initially, during the first round, we were joking to some of our adopted members that it shouldn't shock them how badly we were doing because we were, after all, the "Worst Group Ever."

But then, when we Joker-ed the second round, we just went on a tear that shocked even us.

By the end of the night, we came in second, although there was a notable gap between the first and second placers, so we didn't have any excuses that night. It was stunning for WGE, since none of us came into that Geekfight prepared. We all went in cold, yet there we were, giving people a run for their money, and even squeaking past Broken Social Skills, who placed third. If there were a prize for an effort like that, Ms. Philippines placing higher than Ms. China in the Ms. Universe package a while ago would mean we owned the Spratlys now.

Awesome, awesome night, and can't wait for the next Geekfight!

Fight for the right to be mediocre!!!

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