Thursday, November 10, 2011

Project 52 (45/52): Only You - Mark Hamill

.:Project 52 (45/52): Only You - Mark Hamill:.

Yin and yang never seemed more appropriate an analogy.

So. I was playing Batman: Arkham City for the last couple of weeks, even though it had to compete for playing time with NBA 2K12.

In a word, the game was beautiful. The mood, the story, the twists and turns, and the game's ability to take the characters in very chilling directions that you don't expect them to do in the comic book medium really makes for a very gripping game overall.

I won't spoil you when it comes to the game, nor will I even do a game review, for that matter, but the game is great, and I felt an immense sense of satisfaction when I completed the game last night.

Then, during the end credits, a voice message from the Joker came up, and I started to hear him sing this song. It was creepy and sublime, all at the same time.

So sue me, I grew up on Mark Hamill as the Joker and appreciated his genius far more than Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, and Heath Ledger combined. Mark Hamill, in my book, is the Joker, and it's only his voice I ever hear when I read comics with the Joker in it.

This was a perfect sendoff for Hamill, who pretty much retired the role of the Clown Prince Of Crime for himself after Arkham City, as he has explicitly stated that he would only come back for an animated adaptation of "The Killing Joke" but nothing more.

I've had this song on loop for quite a while already, while writing this. Let's just say that this version of the song is haunting, in every sense of the word.

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