Thursday, August 02, 2012

Now I Know How Cracked Feels...

.:It Ain't Easy!:.

I'm sure some people think that writing for Cracked is just a piece of cake, seeing as it's a list-based website that uses comedy. Writing lists? Writing dick jokes? How hard is that, really?

Very hard.
Here's what I realized while doing a few lists for another website: the research that goes into every single Cracked list is no mean feat. At some point, I'm going to show off one of the new lists I made for this website, but needless to say, coming up with enough information to fill out a list adequately, and then rounding it out with humor is not easy by any stretch of imagination.

All the more reason why I am a big fan of Cracked, really, I guess.

.:Farewell, Eloisa Cruz Canlas!:.

Voice actress extraordinaire Eloisa Cruz Canlas passed away a few weeks ago, and not too many people realized it.

She will be missed, as her amazing talents have been a part of our lives far more than most of us could have ever realized. She was Lola Sela Bungarera. She was Luna in the Tagalog dub of Sailormoon. She was, without a doubt, a great talent, and her contributions to the entertainment industry are legion.

Thanks for the memories, Ma'am Eloisa!

.:Welp, Good Riddance:.

I promise, there will be less passive-aggressiveness coming from me someday.

But today is not that day.

So to you, because you know who you are, go die in a fire, and good riddance.

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