Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Totally Wanted To Blog About Sotto Or OPM Or Something, But...

... I'm just too tired. Still, I think Leloy Claudio had the right idea of bringing this all full circle.

If Sotto resigned from the Senate and reformed VST, he'd go a long way to really keeping OPM alive/bringing it back to life.

That being said, here's what Fabucelles had to say about Sotto on The POC, and here's what I had to say about the OPM debate.

My ideas about the latter are still not as refined and simplified as I'd want them to. While I agree with Leloy's description of the symptoms, I don't necessarily agree with his diagnosis afterwards.

Why do these nationalistic issues crop up during August? Three years ago, I think we talked about someone whining how Jose Rizal was "just some sensationalistic blogger" while Andres Bonifacio's revolutions "never achieved anything." (Okay. Maybe not. That happened in June.)

Then, last year, we had James Soriano's brouhaha.

Now, we have "OPM is dead." Pretty interesting, really. I'm glad I managed to talk about it at length with Logan and Marf on The Disenchanted Kingdom yesterday, which made for a nice bit of contrast when we ended up talking about "18 Again", the vag tightening cream, this evening. Wow. Topic diversity.

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