Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Tulungan Bago Turuan

.:Tulungan Bago Turuan:.

As usual, we will always have insensitive people who would rather make douchenozzles of themselves than help their countrymen in their time of need.

Alt text is your friend.

As usual, we will always have grandstanding politicians, exploitative businessmen, and opportunistic assholes who will use this tragedy for their own personal gain.

If you find any of these poor creatures after the flood, please call 9315001 local 7444. That's the number of the House Of Representatives. Thank you!

As usual, we will always have superstitious idiots who will attribute an Inter Tropical Convergence Zone to a vindictive, petty God. Why are we worshipping a God like that again? I could've sworn the God worthy of worship is kind, merciful, and loving.

So to make us save unborn babies, God will kill some people? That'd show us the value of life!

As usual, we will encounter people who will take us for granted and then break your heart into a million pieces. After emasculating you completely, they will then proceed to ask you to stay "friends."

What. A. Dick.

But that simply shouldn't be our takeaway from Tropical Storm Haikui in the first place.

For every asshole you will encounter today, reminding you that humans aren't all that, you will encounter ten, maybe more people who are more than willing to help in our time of need. Selflessly. Bravely. And yes, wisely. These people remind us how great humanity can be, and how all the insensitivity in the world cannot erase the fact that when push comes to shove, we will help each other.

If a man were drowning, will you ask him what his stand on the RH Bill is before you saved him? No? Then clearly, that shit doesn't matter right now.

Yeah, we get sidetracked. We get annoyed. But dammit, we need to remind ourselves that there's a lot of things we have to do as a people. As a nation. When you have guys like Metta World Peace, of all people, helping us out, that's got to count for something.

Also, I'd like to extend my gratitude to this guy, especially:

See? Mankind cares about the Philippines!

This is, yet again, a climate of heroes. From the people in government helping out, to the average person, to the police, the netizens, even the people who have been working really hard to make sure our communication lines and electricity stay up despite the weather. Tulungan na lang muna tayo. Saka na ang turuan. We still have so much to do, guys.


Do check Pinas 911 as well for a one-stop reference to the relevant hashtags as the Philippines is hit by this monsoon.

Lastly, on a personal note, and as an attempt at levity, if you have anything to say about Tropical Storm Haikui over Twitter, try saying it in haiku format, using the #HaikuForHaikui hashtag. A mere 17 syllables could mean a lot when coupled with the help we will give our countrymen.

I'm called Haikui
I was so unexpected
Heroes will rise

- Marcelle Fabie, 2012

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