Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Project 52 (31/52): On Being Kicked When You’re Down (And How Lovely That Feels)

.:Project 52 (31/52): On Being Kicked When You’re Down (And How Lovely That Feels):.

It. Feels. Great!


This hasn’t been a very good month so far. At all.

Aside from the fact that I managed to catch The Dark Knight Rises over the weekend, which was a movie I liked (But not as much as I liked The Avengers.), the past few weeks have been miserable, and the end of the proverbial storm is still nowhere in sight.

It happens to all of us, really. Sometimes, things weigh us down, and while we walk wounded, we sometimes wonder how we carry all of this weight on our shoulders. And true, that weight, and our capacity to carry them may all be relative, but you know how it feels, and you know how much it sucks when it feels that way.

So it really, really sucks a lot more when people take the opportunity to take a shot at you when you’re clearly down. Especially when they happen to be the reason while you were down, to begin with.

I haven’t really studied the logic behind this. Does this make them feel better about themselves? Are they incapable of picking battles sportingly? I mean, in general, when I find myself having to get into a fight with someone who’s clearly down already, it actually lessens my enjoyment of it because it’s way too much like shooting fish in a barrel.

I guess some people just really find it convenient, or that’s how they roll. I’d say “more power” to them, but the last people who need to be kicked any more are definitely the people who are already down. There isn’t even a peg to knock them down from anymore, so what’s the point.

What is it? A case of horrible comprehension deficiency? It's pretty amazing how in the middle of it all, they seem to have this insatiable desire to tell you how to feel about how they treated you, as if it's up to them to dictate to you how you're supposed to feel. Wow. Screw that. Screw that, really.

It’s a horrible feeling when the adage “when it rains, it pours” is proved with a vengeance. Sometimes, even the best-laid plans can really go up in flames, and I know I get to be very passive-aggressive and yes, even vindictive at times, but I’m going to make a concerted effort to make sure that no clues to the identity of my latest vexation/s will be given out here.

It’s not something praiseworthy, of course. It’s basic human decency. Sort of the kind of basic human decency that should be expected of a person to not take shots at another person over the misery said person caused for the other, to begin with. That is just really the height of rubbing it in, and it becomes rather ludicrous when after everything has been said and done, they have the temerity to get angry at you about it.

“Temerity.” I like that word.

Sorry, y’all. Just one of those days when I needed to vent, and I really, really didn’t need people to kick me while I’m down.

I'm holding on your rope got me ten feet off the ground...

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