Thursday, August 09, 2012

The End Of Yet Another Era...

.:Farewell, Multiply:.

Well, it was good while it lasted, but Multiply as we know it, as a one-stop social network hub, complete with blogging photos, videos, and a host of other options, is saying goodbye come December 1. The news comes directly from the site itself, so unless this was an amazing hack job, this is as true as it can get.

Sometimes, it really feels like we were led on by Multiply, especially if we had a premium account or something. Speaking of being led on...

What. A. Dick.

Given that my magic website is located there, I guess you can expect me to move that elsewhere soon.

Bye, Multiply. I'll miss you, but maybe not as much as I missed Friendster.

Sniff. Keep Friendster good company, okay?

1 comment:

adele said...

Thanks for the heads up! Shet downloading content frenzy ako ngayon :/