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Project 52 (34/52): On Anna Banana (And Why Her Rejection Of Derek Lorenzo Resonates With Me So)

.:Project 52 (34/52): On Anna Banana (And Why Her Rejection Of Derek Lorenzo Resonates With Me So):.

You. Know. The. Caption. By. Now.

Yeah, some of you might have already seen Anna Banana's rejection of Derek Lorenzo.

Yeah, I'm fully aware that it's a campaign by PLDT, and they're all actors.

No, I don't care. I'm still addressing this whole mess as if it were real.

Yes, I'm shirking from writing about Sotto and his alleged plagiarism. This feels much more important to me, believe it or not, because I definitely feel for Derek Lorenzo, seeing how I've found myself in the same position as he does now, more often than not.

It's one thing to be friendzoned. It happens to almost everyone, and really, no matter how much effort you invest in someone, you cannot expect that it will automatically be enough to win them over. People are free to decide whether or not they want to love somebody back, after all. What makes Anna Banana's rejection of Derek's original song particularly deplorable was the inherent meanness in her words: a simple "no" would suffice, but she had to insult the poor kid's dancing, then proceed to remind him that she's still hot (hot, hot). Yes, it mostly mimicked the original song, but after all the mean-spirited words, Anna Banana had the nerve to say "maybe we can just be friends?!?" Are you kidding me?!?

Of course, she's not obliged to fall in love with Derek. That's rather obvious. That's like saying Emily has to love this dude just because he carries his testicles around with a wheelbarrow.

Jim Morrison reincarnated.

Thomas and Derek had very sweet gestures. Earnest, genuine, a bit corny and cheesy, unfortunately permanent thanks to the internet, but sweet, earnest, and genuine, nonetheless. The objects of their affection are free to reject them, but there is such a thing as letting them down gently, and clearly, Anna Banana didn't do that at all. If you've ever had your heart broken, you'd know why the part where she pretty much rubs it in Derek's face really, really smarts. That's the part where I was frothing with rage in front of my computer as I watched the video.

And yes, again, I know it's all pretend, and this is all a campaign. But the campaign strikes a very real chord, which is more than can be said for a lot of other advertising or marketing campaigns out there, reeking of slick production values and manufactured emotions.

The hopeless romantic in me always long for a happy ending, and a simple "I love you, too." Sometimes, though, a simple "no, I don't feel the same way," would suffice, and there's no need to be mean-spirited about it. The other person just bared their heart to you and left you at their mercy. You didn't have to take that as an invitation to send them crashing down. It really isn't, and if the person is even just halfway decent, that simple "no" should suffice, once the pain of rejection has subsided. It's when you pile the pain on beyond just the rejection when things do get a tad problematic.

Ultimately, I think Derek deserves better than someone who would take his honest effort and turn it into a joke. That's kind of why I'm happy and saddened that he's moving on by trying to find "a new Anna," which almost feels like commodifying the Anna Banana's in our world and making them interchangeable. It's that kind of need to be in love with someone, anyone, that becomes the mark of someone who could very well be addicted to love, and not in a good way. Sort of like how 500 Days Of Summer ended with the guy walking into another love story, as if that's really what he needed to define him.

Hey, Derek. Hey, brah. You don't need a new Anna in your life. Maybe you just need to chill with your brahs some more, and forget about 'em ladies who'll just complicate your life and waste all of your time and money. Brahfist, dude! You are one righteous brah! Chicks, brah. Who needs 'em? [/douchebag]

Yes, it's a character he's playing. But sadly, my visceral reaction to this pretend pre-teen soap opera is more of a reflection on how much of myself I see in their story than it is about Derek, Anna, or the kids in real life who are playing them.

I highly doubt I'm alone on this one, though.

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